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Shamoun's Lowly Character

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

China's Muslims cannot worship

China demolishes mosque for not supporting Olympics: group
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BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese authorities in the restive far western region of Xinjiang have demolished a mosque for refusing to put up signs in support of this August's Beijing Olympics, an exiled group said on Monday.

The mosque was in Kalpin county near Aksu city in Xinjiang's rugged southwest, the World Uyghur Congress said.

The spokesman's office of the Xinjiang government said it had no immediate comment, while telephone calls to the county government went answered.

"China is forcing mosques in East Turkistan to publicize the Beijing Olympics to get the Uighur people to support the Games (but) this has been resisted by the Uighurs," World Uyghur Congress spokesman Dilxat Raxit said in an emailed statement.

Beijing says al Qaeda is working with militants in Xinjiang to use terror to establish an independent state called East Turkistan.

Oil-rich Xinjiang is home to 8 million Turkic-speaking Uighurs, many of whom resent the growing economic and cultural influence of the Han Chinese.

Dilxat Raxit added that the mosque, which had been renovated in 1998, was accused of illegally renovating the structure, carrying out illegal religious activities and illegally storing copies of the Muslim holy book the Koran.

"All the Korans in the mosque have been seized by the government and dozens of people detained," he said. "The detained Uighurs have been tortured."

The Olympic torch relay passed through Xinjiang last week under tight security, with all but carefully vetted residents banned from watching on the streets and tight controls over foreign media covering the event.

(Reporting by Ben Blanchard; Editing by Nick Macfie)

(For more stories visit our multimedia website "Road to Beijing" here; and see our blog at

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jesus or Paul?

They really love us

“Women In Jilbab”-Shaped Toilet Bowl In Israel


Israel is once again humiliating the Muslims by making fun of the Islamic symbols.

The Israeli mass Media recently published a photo of toilet bowls produced by a certain company, shaped in “Women In Jilbab".

This type of toilet bowl to facilitate urination, according to the Israeli mass Media are selling very well in the Israeli market.

A number of sources as cited by Albawaba, reported that the shape of the toilet bowl was purposely aimed at humiliating the Islamic symbols and the Muslims.

The first productions originated from the US and then imported by Israel. Now, toilet bowls of this shape can be commonly found in Israel.

Sorry to say, but how lowly is the attitude of the people of these two nations (Christian U.S. - Zionist Israel), they have no respect for other people’s religions. They can never stop poking fun at others. Little do they realize that their actions only reveal their immorality further. You can never find the Muslims doing likewise, the Muslims don’t insult other faiths or the lack of it thereof. We dont behave like immature or retarded people.

On a different note, the shape of a woman in Jilbab looks a lot like the standard dress code of Virgin Mary, so by insulting the Muslimah in Jilbab, it was as if they are insulting St. Mary as well. If the designer was Jewish, that could be the intent as the Jews feel such contempt for this pure woman as blasphemed by their Torah. Just look at the toilet bowls pictured above, doesn't they resemble the statue of St. Mary more? Can't the Christians who partnered with the Jews see this???

Submitted by a Mujahid

My trip to Romania part 2

Ok so we got to Romania, and it did not take me a long time to realize that things have really changed. I was shocked that Romania really advanced, but in the words of one of the local Muslims brothers there: people rose their noses in pride. They were not the hard working class people we knew from before. Many people wanted to be who they were not. It seems like this globalization is spreading like a disease. People were dressed inappropriately, talking in vain and swearing, and many other things.

In terms of their faith in God. It seemed like the churches were still packed on Sundays, but on any given days they were ghost towns (MAYBE I'M KIDDING). However the bars were packed day and night. The whole country is full of churches and full of pictures of Jesus on the cross, something that upset me very much, because they are ugly pictures and ugly representations that make you feel very scared when you look at them, while we know that Jesus was beautiful.

In terms of Islam, there are quite a few Muslims in certain cities. In Cluj Napoca, the city that I went to, there was some Muslims. I went for Jumah one friday, and it was a great experience to hear the khutbah in Romanian, and to pray with the jamat. It is something so important to stay with the community. Both my wife and I were feeling our imans going low by being away from the community. The Muslims seem to be active in whatever they can however most of them are international students and they dont' want to risk getting kicked out of the country. They told me that there are many organizations and that they work on dawa. There are many Muslims in the south of Romania, and that Islam is growing. I also met a new Muslim brother there by the name of Robert. He was a very nice guy and he was active in the masjid. It was a pleasure to talk to him and to the other brothers.

The time in Romania went by fast. Next time I will tell you the reactions of my family and some dawa attempts.

Letter from a convert

Man's Best Kept Secret: Revealed
By: Aaron Greenwich, 17, e-mail address unknown
I'm real mad. Because ever since March 3rd 1998, I've been searching for a point in my life. That day in March, I went to this know, one of those parties with high power music rockin the house, plenty of booze and endless variations of drugs, and plenty of (well, to put it mildly) shameless girls and drunk boys equals? So I guess I smoked too many joints, and I ended up in the hospital for three weeks. That gave me time to think over life.

Okay, we are born, grow older, wiser, and each of us develops our own personalities for better or worse. We all try to reach the top of the world and either we do or we spend our lives trying to. Basically we live to have more, always. Don't u see? You wake up, get dressed make yourself look good, go to school come back do your homework, have some fun and to sleep. And it never changes. All right, then u graduate and go to work or raise some kids.

But it keeps repeating. U know that saying, "History repeats itself?" It does, but then we die. Now for some reason humans spend so much time pondering over every single atom on earth except death.

I know it scares them. Why wouldn't it? It happens to everyone and no one knows why. Well, MOST people don't know why. But I do. You think all those d*** cruel people who lived on this earth (I can name millions) will get away with everything they did? And those few good will go un-rewarded?

So anyway we die. We leave behind everything. EVERYTHING. You think that the Porsche u spent your whole life trying to get is going with u? The only things that're going with u are your burial clothes and coffin, if that even. And there is one other thing, but it's unseen. Your deeds. ALLLL the things u did in this life, good and bad, go with you. And so we're in the grave. What happens to you in the grave is another story but basically your body rots. I mean your "this life" body. The body that we had for (if we are lucky) 80 years is gone and with it our doings!

Alright so you're out of the picture. Gone. Then, fellow Americans, if we are not here to live life like a party....whats the point? WHY DO WE LIVE?

Why do so many people commit suicide? Because they never had the answer to the above question. Some people know. Some. And its man's best kept secret.

I know what your thinking. "Oh god he's gonna preach us on religion." Not exactly ;)

It's a WAY OF LIFE, and what if I told u its called ISLAM? I'm Christian. But Christianty is a RELIGION not a WAY OF LIFE. 80% of Americans are "Christians", but sad to say, look at them. Homosexuality, suicide, drugs, adultery, even among their own preachers is common. I should know.

The old pastor at my church got kicked out for molesting a child. I'm not attacking anyone. I'm saying the facts. Besides that, it doesn't make sense. Neither do the other million "religions" found on this earth. They all claim to be simple religions, usually claiming belief in one god.

But they are lacking in on truth, the facts.

Alright, Aaron get on to your point. Sure. What was my 1st sentence? I'm real mad. Why? Cause everyone knows about Islam. And they ignore it, hide it. Why did I learn everything in school except Islam? From Greek God sh** to Buddha.

If u read one verse of Islam's book you will believe me. Guaranteed. Because it is the Truth. And its man's best-kept secret. They hide it because it reminds them of the TRUE PURE REAL point of life....They want us to be just like them, monsters in disgiuse, filthy, do every sin under the sun and call it a "life". I will not fall again into that trap most of us fell into. I have a life. I have Islam.

I'm sorry Jean, Dad and mostly Gramps, a pious Christian who tried to change my views. Im stepping down from my old way of life AND my old religion. I started this letter as a Christian but I end it as a Muslim.

" I bear witness that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is the last messenger.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Everyone who is in dawa and refuting those who attack Islam must visit and study this site

Salamo Aleikum
as I said in my title you must visit this site to know about how to refute those who attack Islam
the site is

About Tafseer (taken from

The Holy Qur'an also says:

Surely, Allah did a great favour to Muslims when He sent a Messenger to them from among them who would recite His verses before them and purify them and teach them the Book and the Wisdom (3:164).

Keeping this in view, it should be noted that the Holy Prophet did not only teach the words of the Quran, but he also explained these in details. This is why, on some occasions, the revered Companions had to devote years together in learning a single Surah; details will, insha-Allah, appear later on.

Until such time that the Holy Prophet graced the mortal world with his presence, seeking the explanation of any verse was not much of a problem. When the Companions faced any difficulty, they would turn to him and get a satisfying answer. But, later on after him, it became necessary that the tafseer of Qu'ran be preserved as a permanent branch of knowledge so that, along with the words of the noble Qur'an, its correct meaning as well strands were protected and conserved for the Muslim Ummah, and heretics and deviationists could find no room for distortion of its meanings. So, with the grace and tawfeeq of Allah Almighty, this Ummah accomplished this wonderful mission with such efficiency that today we can say without any doubt or fear of rejection that not only are the words of this last Book of Allah protected but also stands protected that correct tafseer and explanation which has reached us through the Holy Prophet and his Companions who were ever-prepared to sacrifice their lives for him.

In what ways did the Muslim Ummah protect and preserve the 'ilm? What extreme hardships they faced in this pursuit? How many stages did this struggle have to go through? All this has a long and fascinating history which cannot be taken up in the present context. The intention here is to state briefly as to what are the sources of Qur'anic exegesis and how these sources have been utilized in explaining the noble Qur'an by all those countless books on 'Ilm al-Tafseer available in every language. These sources are six in number:

1. The Glorious Qur'an:
The first source of the knowledge of tafseer is the Holy Qur'an itself. Accordingly, it happens very often that a certain point which is brief and requires explanation is invariably clarified by some other verse of the Qur'an itself. For instance, there appears that sentence of prayer in the Surah al-Fatihah:

'Guide us in the straight path - the path of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace...'

Now it is not clear here as to who are those whom Allah Almighty has blessed. But, in another verse, they have been identified very clearly where it is said:

So, these are the people whom Allah Almighty has blessed, being the prophets, their true followers, the martyrs (in the way of Allah) and the righteous. (4:69)

Therefore, when respected commentators explain some verse, they first check to see if a tafseer of this verse is already there elsewhere in the noble Qur'an itself. If it is there, they elect to go by it as their first choice.

2. The Hadeeth:
The words and the deeds of the Holy Prophet called Hadeeth, and as it has been stated earlier, Allah Almighty had sent him with the Qur'an solely for the purpose of explaining to people, openly and explicitly, the correct meanings of the noble Qur'an. Consequently, he discharged this duty with grace and excellence both by his words and deeds. In fact his whole blessed life is, after all, a practical tafseer of Qur'an. It is for this reason that respected commentators, in order to understand the Qur'an, have laid the greatest emphasis on Hadeeth as the second source, and it is in the light of ahadeeth that they have determined the meanings of the Book of Allah. However, because all sorts of narrations - sound, weak, and fabricated - are included in Hadeeth, research-oriented commentators do not accept a narration as trustworthy until it withstands the principles used in the scrutiny of Hadeeth narrations. Hence, finding a hadeeth report somewhere, looking at it, and then employing it to determine a certain tafseer is not correct, because that report could be weak, even contrary to other stronger reports. This is really a very delicate matter, and venturing therein is the exclusive prerogative of those who have spent their years in mastering this field of knowledge.

3. The Reports from the Sahabah:
The noble Sahabah (RA) (Companions), may Allah be pleased with them all, had received their education directly from the Holy Prophet . In addition to that, they were personally present on the scene when Wahy came, and they had themselves witnessed all circumstances and backgrounds of the revelation of the Qur'an. Therefore, naturally, the recorded statements of these blessed souls are far more authentic and trustworthy in explaining the noble Qur'an; the later people cannot take that place. Hence, in the case of verses the explanation of which is not found in the Qur'an or Hadeeth, statements recorded from the noble Companions (RA) are given the highest priority. Consequently, if there is a consensus of Companions on the explanation of a certain verse, the commentators follow just that, and explaining it in any way, other than that, is not permissible. By the way, if the statements of Companions (RA) differ in the interpretation (tafseer) of a certain verse, then the commentators who come later examine them in the light of arguments and determine as to which interpretation or explanation can be given preference. In order to handle this situation, there is an important corpus of rules and regulations already codified under the sciences of Usul al-Hadeeth and Usul al-Tafseer a detailed discussion of which is not appropriate here.

4. The Reports from the Tabi'in or Successors:
After Companions (RA) (Sahabah) come the Successors (Tabi'in). The later are those who have learnt the tafseer of Qur'an from the Companions (RA). Therefore, their statements too have great importance in the science of tafseer, although there exists a difference among scholars whether or not the statements of the tabi'in are decisive in tafseer (al-ltqan, 2/179) but their importance is something which cannot be denied.

5. The Arabic Language:
Since the noble Qur'an was revealed in the Arabic language, therefore, in order to explain the Qur'an, it is necessary to have a complete mastery over the language. There are several verses of the noble Qur'an in the background of which there happen to be just no attending circumstances of revelations, or any juristic or scholastic question, therefore, in their tafseer or explanation, the sayings of the Holy Prophet , or the statements of the sahabah and tabi'in are not reported. For that reason, the only means through which these can be explained is that of the Arabic language, and it is on the basis of language alone that they are elucidated. Besides that, should there be some difference in the tafseer of a certain verse, then, in that case too, the science of linguistics is used to run a test of veracity between varying opinions.

6. Deliberation and Deduction:
The last source of tafseer consists of deliberation and deduction. The subtleties and mysteries of the noble Qur'an are an ocean with no shore, no end. Therefore, the more a person, who has been blessed with insight into the Islamic sciences by Allah Almighty, deliberates in it, the more he discovers ever-new mysteries and subtleties. As a result of this, commentators do present the outcomes of their respective deliberations as well, but mysteries and subtleties so described are found acceptable only when they do not go against the five sources mentioned above. So, should a person, while explaining the Qur'an, come out with a subtle point or independent judgment which is contrary to the Qur'an and Sunnah, Consensus (Ijm-a'), Language, or the statements of Companions and Successors, or stands in conflict with another principle of Shari'ah, that will then have no credence. Some mystics (RH) had started describing such mysteries and subtleties in tafseer, but investigative scholars of the ummah did not consider these trustworthy because the personal opinion of any person against the basic principles of the Qur'an, Sunnah and Shariah has obviously no weight. (al-ltqan, 2/184)

The rules relating to Israelite reports:
Judaica or Isra'iliyya-t are narratives which have reached us through Jews and Christians. It may be noted that early commentators used to write down all sorts of narration's which reached them from an identified source. Many of these narration's were straight Judaica. Therefore, it is equally necessary to know what they really are. The reality is that some noble Companions and their Successors first belonged to the religion of the people of the Book, later on when they became Muslims and learnt the Qur'an, they came across several events relating to past communities in the Qur'an and which they had also read in the books of their previous religion. Therefore, while referring to the events mentioned in the Qur'an they would describe other details before Muslims which they had seen in the books of their old religion. These very details have entered into the books of tafseer under the name of 'Isra'iliyyat'. Hafiz ibn Kathir, who is one of the authentic research scholars, has written that there are three kinds of 'Isra-liyya-t':

1. Narrations, the truth of which is proved from other evidences of 'the Qur'an and Sunnah, for instance, the drowning of Pharoah and the ascent of Sayyidna Musa (AS) onto Mount Tur (Sinai).

2. Narrations the falsity of which is proved from other evidences of the Qur'an and Sunnah, for instance, it appears in Judaic narration's that Sayyidna Sulayman (AS) had become (God forbid) an apostate in his later years. Its refutation is proved from the Qur'an. It is said there:
'It was not Sulayman who became an infidel, but the devils did become infidels' (2:102).
To cite yet another example, it finds mention in Judaic narration's that (God forbid) Sayyidna Dawud (AS) (David) committed adultery with the wife of his general (Uriah), or, having him killed through all sorts of contrivances, ended up marrying his wife. This too is a blatant lie, and taking such narration's to be false is imperative.

3. Narration's regarding which the Qur'an, the Sunnah and the Shariah are silent, such as the injunctions of Torah etc., are subjects about which silence is to be observed as taught by the Holy Prophet neither confirm, nor falsify. There is, however, a difference of opinion among scholars whether or not reporting such narrations is permissible. Hafiz ibn Kathir has given the decisive word by saying that reporting these is permissible all right but doing so is useless because they cannot be taken as authentic.(Muqaddamah Tafseer ibn Kathir)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Visiting Romania

Asalamo Aleikum wrb
A blessed and happy Ramadan to everyone! May Allah swt bless you all and give you the highest place in Jennah. Amen
You might be wondering what has been happening to me for the last 3 weeks for I have not posted anything. Well I went to Romania to visit some relatives and it turned out to be quite the experience. So over my next few posts, I decided to share some of the events that took place over in Romania.
First of all when we left I was not feeling myself. I was somehow depressed and sad due to some overwork and some last minute stress. Of course shaitan was closed to being chained because Ramadan was getting closer, so he decided to strike me with some of the worse waswisu and some of the worse suggestions. To add on top of that, we missed our flight. I was surely being tested with that. My family was traveling with me so that was adding to the test. I had to keep patience so I turned to Alalh for help, and the help was there as always. Hamdulilah we were able to take a plane just 2 hours later, and it only pushed us about 4 hours behind scheduled. The air plane ride to Amsterdam was quite an experience. I have travelled quite a lot on my own, but this time I was with my little girl, my wife and my mother. My little girl is in dippers, and as she was on my lap, she leaked on me twice due to the poor quality of the dippers. That was quite a test, but patience and due diligence was exercised due to Allahs blessings. After changing flights and arriving in Hungary, we were faced with another challenge: my uncle only brought a small car, and my family decided to bring the whole house. So we could not see ourselves fit in. But with some insightful engineering on behalf of my mom we were able to. So after about a 6 hour ride with the car we reached the Romanian border. We crossed in and boy I was in for a surprise. Things were changed. I have not been around for 4 years so I was shocked. But more shock was about to come in the morning, as my eyes were dead tired, and it was night when we arrived.

Marriage to Aisha slander refuted

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