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Shamoun's Lowly Character

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

We are ungrateful

Salamo Aleikum
Watch this video and remember how many times we have thrown out food.
At the end they show them praying to God, (committing shirk the Christian way), but
take the big lesson out of it, they still think of God before eating.
Of course this movie is made up but please apply the lesson to our lives.
May Alah bring us close to Him and give us wisdom.

Let us purify our hearts

Assalamo Aleikum wrb
I came upon these verses and especially the last one, about the purity of the heart.
We live in a time when anyone who wants to be an adherent to the sunnah is called a wahabi,
and anyone who wants to talk about the love of Allah is called a sufi. Yet if we look
at the people of knowledge of old, we find them having both, in the right balance, and that is
the key. People who leave the sunnah fall into extremes, and people who leave the love of ALlah
and the tazghia fall into extremes. Which ever way you take it, wether it was imam Al Ghazali,
or ibn Tymiah both were strict adherents to the sunnah and masters of purification of the heart.
Keeping the balance is the siat al mustakeem, and be ware of your heart, for if harshness settles in it,
it is corrupted and if to much softness and layback sets in it it is corrupted.
Keep the balance.

'Recite to them the story of Abraham,
When he asked his father and his people, 'What do you worship?'
'We worship idols,' they replied, 'and we are ever devoted to them.'
He said, 'Do they hear you when you cry?
Or do they benefit or harm you in any way?'
They said, 'No, but this is what we found our forefathers doing.'
He said, 'Do you see, then, what you and your forefathers have been worshipping?
Truly, they are all my enemies, except the Lord of the Worlds,
Who created me, and Who guides me,
And Who feeds me and gives me to drink,
And when I am ill, He heals me,
And Who will cause me to die, and give me life again;
And Who, I ardently hope, will forgive me my sins on the Day of Judgment.
O Lord, grant me wisdom, and unite me with the righteous,
And grant that I may be remembered well in future generations,
And make me one of the inheritors of the Garden of Delight;
And forgive my father, for he is one of those who is lost;
And do not disgrace me on the Day when all will be resurrected,
The Day that wealth and children will not avail anyone,
Except one who brings to God a clean heart.'
(The Quran 26:69-89)

The little Dayee

Assalamu Alaikum Dearest Ustazah

I want to share something with you about my youngest son Huzaifa, He is very active in helping out at his school, He works with his principal & teachers to help out those boys who are being bullied or beaten up by others. One day he told me "mom, I help a boy who doest understand the questions. I finish my work quickly and help him." And last week he told me "mom, there is a hindu boy, no one likes to play with him because he says bad things so I went up to him and i told him that our group of muslim boys is nice, you can come and play with us. And he did and then I told him you hang out with us so why dont you become a muslim. He said ok what do I have to do. So I told him to repeat after me (in english) kalima e shahadah and I told him that you have to let go of all the gods. There is only one God and His name is Allah.

I was so excited and I asked huzaifa to now tell him about good deeds and akhirah. Very seriously, he answered "MOOOOM, I have already done that. I am teaching him surah al fatiha now. He himself came upto me and asked huzaifa! wont you teach me Quran and I said o okayyy. Last recess."When he was saiyng it, I thought how difficult it is to teach with words and how easy it is through actions. This group of little boys took in one person in their group with respect and the child became so impressed by Islam. SubhanAllah! May Allah keep him on this track for ever and may Allah bring up our youth in such a way that Islam prevails.

Advice on how to deal with kids

Question From: Manahil Rehman


I pray we all have children who from such a young age start the work of Allah(SWT). InshAllah Huzaifa will grow up to do great works for the pleasure of Allah(SWT) with khair.

If you could kindly ask the sister to tell us how she brought her son up and maybe give a few tips on bringing up children. JazakAllah Khair

Answer By: H
umaira Fakhar
My dear sister Manahil
Asalamu alaikum

Alhamdulillah all praise to Allah who gives us the ability to please Him. May Allah accepts our efforts ameen.Manahil jee the answer to your question is Qura'n. it is Qura'n that brings the changes.Here are some suggestions to bring your children closer to Allah (swt)

1) Ustazah taught us one activity that really worked and it was to make the children sit with you and listen to the recitation of Quran for 15 to 20 min. Tell them briefly about one strong ayah from that recitation. Ask them what did they understand. This activity was amazing mashaAllah.(just be nice to them. Give them a good snack after the activity.)
2) No matter what I am doing recitation of Quran is turned on. I never get tired from it. They are used to listening to it all the time. Like people they have background music our ears enjoy the words of Allah.
3) In the morning when I am preparing breakfast I turn on the morning evening duas (by mishaari, he has a beautiful way of saying the duas so children have amazingly memorized the duas without any difficulty).
4) keep on telling them one truth and that is that for them there shouldnt be anything more important than Allahs love. If they will obey Allah and love Him they will get respect from people and mercy from Allah.
5) frequently mention the day of judgement and death infront of the children .I listen to surah al Haaqqah very often and the children listen to it too.The qari cries alot on the ayaat.After recitation one day my son himmself questioned me mom what is the meaning of these ayaat. Why is he crying so much.So through that they came to know so many things about akhirah.
6) Make dua for them so that Allah chooses them for His deen.

May Allah keep all the muslims and especially our young children in His protection so that they can become the true mo'mineen. ameen


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