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Teeth Breaking Responses To Those Who Want To Extinguish The Light Of Allah

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Shamoun's Lowly Character

Sam thinks he can beat everyone in a debate and that he has already done so. Things have not even happened yet he can predict with certainty outcomes. He thinks no one can answer him. Check out a list of answers right here.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Miracle of The Kabah

Did you know that out of 49 meridians the only one that does not deviate 8 degrees from the proper place is the one going through Mekkah. It goes perfectly through it's true magnetic longitude. In Mekkah there is the strongest gravitational pool on Earth. No Muslim Saudi oil rich person lobbied for that, as Muslims always get accused of faking miracles. Only Allah made that happen. And Wallahi you can feel something when you are in Mekkah that you cannot feel anywhere else in the world. Many people claim that Medinah is better but Wallahi I love Mekkah more than any place on earth, just like the prophet Sas said before leaving it.

The misconception about the Muslim World

Assalamo Aleikum
I have just returned from a trip to Saudi Arabia where I have performed the Umrah, visited the prophet's mosque and I must say that the West is not really aware of the goodness of the East. Even us as Muslims we get caught up and are very strict on our Muslim brothers and sisters in the East calling them backwards and away from Islam, however that is not the case. We tend to be very strict on our brothers and sisters and it is not right. I have experienced the amazing love and gentleness of those people who we think always scream and are angry. I used to think like that but not any more. The guards at the Harram those who have to put up with the innovations of people, with the pushing and shoving at the black stone, with all the heat, they were very nice and welcoming. They did not hit anyone as we think, nor did they shout, but they only advised people. Are there exceptions? Of course, but that does not disprove the generic aspect of things. I met brothers and sisters from all over and subhn Allah we united based on Islam. We met Saudis who are so rich as to never have to worry about money, yet they were so pious and so God fearing, that I was impressed. I was impressed by their knowledge of Islam, while the elite of Christians societies have no clue about their own faith, nor do they care about it, being indulged in worldly things. I was really impressed by what I have seen there.
May God make the ummah strong.
Salamo Aleikum

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