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Teeth Breaking Responses To Those Who Want To Extinguish The Light Of Allah

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Shamoun's Lowly Character

Sam thinks he can beat everyone in a debate and that he has already done so. Things have not even happened yet he can predict with certainty outcomes. He thinks no one can answer him. Check out a list of answers right here.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

British journalist overpowered by the sound of the adhan

The adhan is something that has captivated many non Muslims and has moved them to tears. One of my colleagues that I work with loves the Adhan even though he is not a Muslim.
May Allah guide him.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Seven Versions of the Quran?(Part.2-Is the Quran Corrupted?)

part 2 from brother Ozzycda

RE:Uthman's Quran(part 1-Is the Quran Corrupted?)

From Brother Ozzycda
May ALlah bless him for his work. He is a true dayee

Friday, November 13, 2009

Drinking Alcohol?

alamo aleikum
THe quran does not say driking alcohol is bad for your health it says that in it there is some benefits and some harms and the harms are greater, will you not abstain?

Many people try to inject other reasons other than what Allah said in His book and confuse people.

The first reason for anything that Allah tells us to stay away from is that HE TOLD US TO, there does not have to be a scientific reason. He told us and we obey Him.

Second the benefits of drinking for example of glass of whine is that it increases circulation, but the same would be achieved by taking a 5 minute run around your block.
This is if we want to get scientific here... people who try to give studies saying that alcohol is good actually are just promoting and advertising for alcohol companies and most times the reasearch is sponsored by them.
The thing is that as Allah says that there is more harm than benefit was recognized long ago even the the American government which makes a heavy penny on alcohol licenses and other related activities today, but during the 30s they had the PROHIBITION where no alcohol was allowed because they knew that yes it can make you feel happy and increase your circulation and make you forget some bad things for a short time, but the damage is far grater. No one can control the amount of alcohol that is drank. One person might say I ONLY DRINK ONE CUP TO FEEL GOOD, but the truth is that law is not based on exception it's based on generality. The truth is that most people drink more than they can handle, many destroy their livers, brain cells and on top of that they drive drunk, kill others or kill themselves, they fight in bars or in down town (have you ever gone on the main street where bars are at night on a weekends and see what happens, I used to be one of those people in the past), and they fight, they stab each other, they shoot each other, and other things.

As Allah says, in it there are some benefits and some harms and the harms are greater will you not abstain?
Allah has spoken the truth as always

Back to the main point if Allah said it we obey Him period, and then we can look at benefits and harms and scientific explanations and what not, and we will still see that Allah said it for the right reasons.

Alcohol studies are pushed by corporations which make billions from people who are ready to drink and drive, to kill and to commit fornication, fact that was aknowledged by the US gov. when they passed the prohibition of alcohol in the US but they had to remove it because people were so addicted to it, so they figured a way to control it and allowed it. Of course it shows that to give up something it's not the law that will stop you, it is your self and your faith in God that will make you stop you because at the end of the day, only God can see you everywhere and the law cannot.

In alcohol there are some benefits and more harm, will you not abstain?
The companions of the prophet were drinking and Anas ibn Malik was serving them as they heard that revelation came saying that drinking is Harram. Some of the sahabas were puking out the last sip they took, and all of them began to break all the wine barrels and there were rivers of alcohol flowing in Medinah, and it was the end of it.

May Allah guide us to iman like that insh Alah

salamo aleikum

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