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Shamoun's Lowly Character

Sam thinks he can beat everyone in a debate and that he has already done so. Things have not even happened yet he can predict with certainty outcomes. He thinks no one can answer him. Check out a list of answers right here.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Best Quranic Site
Thursday July 1st 2010

I have been shown one of the best websites for Quran.  This will help you memorize and review your Quran, or just relax and enjoy the miracle of the words of Allah. 
You can pick from tens of reciters, the full Quran. 

Love for religion and basketball can co exist.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Ultimate Truth 1.m4v

Friday, June 25, 2010

God is telling people not to worship other than Him

A huge statute of Jesus has been turned into ashes in Ohio.  The Touchdown Jesus as they have nick named it, was a stature in front of a church in Ohio representing Jesus with his hands up to the heaven.  Lightning has struck the statute and reduced it to its scales.

Now I have looked at some of the discussions on some of the news sites, but all I can say is that Jesus peace be upon him like this statue was a creation. He was a man.  One of the best of men to ever walk this earth but he was only a man.  Created things, like this statue are not to be worshiped not to be used as signs of adoration of love.

God alone is the source of all power, the one and only to be worshiped, the one and only who does not die,  neither was He born, and there is nothing like Him.

We invite our Christian friends to reflect over the incident, and regardless if this was a sign or not (lightning does not strike Jesus statues very often), they should use their intellect and understand that Jesus is not God, and the only one to forgive their sins is God, so will they not repent to Him?

We invite our Christian friends to come to Islam, to submit their faces to the Creator, and to pray and fast like Jesus did, and to abandon the teachings of those who were against Jesus.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taking things out of context and freedom of speech

It is without a doubt every Muslim's duty to SPEAK AGAINST (hope they will not misquote me) TERRORISM.  TERRORISM IS EVIL, and no proper Muslim encourages it.  It goes the same with Dr. Zakir Naik and for those who know him and have followed him know what I'm talking about.  Dr. Zakir Naik has been fighting terror and speaking against people who incite terror and explaining misconceptions against Islam for the past decade. 
We have to be serious here and realize that as much of a threat as people who propagate terrorism are, the ones who misquote Islam and try to make it a terrorist religion, using the media to push lies and misunderstandings to the population are not better.  Such people are the cause of hate related crimes, people burning mosques, people wanting to hurt Muslims, people stabbing women who wear hijab, and so on.  We as Muslim, law abiding citizens of USA, Canada, UK and so on, condemn any such people who cause terrorism.

Second, freedom of speech seems to be applied only when non Muslims want to ridicule the prophet of Islam.  If any preacher wants to come and speak his mind (not calling people to terrorism), they deny him entrance.  Isn't that amazing how freedom of speech has its seasons?  It comes and goes as the winter wind. 

Finally read the following article and realize that such people who write such things, are only causing hatred and propagating fuel for racism and violent action against Muslims. 

Canada follows the UK

Dr Zakir naik banned, Canada follows the footsteps of UK Bookmark & Share

Posted on Jun 23rd, 2010. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

Dr. Zakir Naik
A Massive conference scheduled to be held recently, got a blow after learning that its Ace speaker and star performer, Dr. Zakir Naik has been denied visa to Canada. This news comes just after few days of UK government banning the entry of Dr Naik.
Dr Zakir Naik has been termed by the world media as a popular TV evangelist, who runs the popular religious channel by the name “Peace TV”. He is also the founder president of Islamic Research foundation in Mumbai, India.
Earlier this week, UK’s home secretary had issued a ban on Dr. Zakir Naik’s entry into UK based on few statements which have been misinterpreted by the people. Dr. Zakir Naik’s speeches have been widely misquoted which eventually costed him visa denials from various countries. However, Dr. Naik is challenging these bans in the high court.
Previously, Canada had banned several renowned Islamic speakers from attending the conferences and programs held in various parts of it.
This latest ban on Dr Naik has added more fuel to the ongoing protests by Muslims around the world against the UK ban.

Sustainable Earth Show opening

The Accident

Islam am Airport!

Praying in the Modern World

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dr. Zakir Naik's press release statement page 1

Dr. Zakir Naik's press release statement page 2

The Chronicles of Laila. Ice cream

Salamo Aleikum
Sister Umm Abdullah may Allah bless her and her family has been developing educational videos that future real life experiences from a Muslim's life.
You can also check out her series on Arabic lessons on her youtube account AnimationIslam

My Message to Nabeel Qureishi

Nabeel, you are being dragged into darkness by someone who he himself is deep in it. By what you have said in one of your debates, I still believe that there is some doubt in you about the decision you made to become Christian. I would like to invite you to Islam, true Islam not the Ahmadiah sect which you belonged to, but a pure and clear Islam that comes from prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.
May Allah guide you.

David Wood and the rest: It is very clear from the last year and this year that you people were and are only looking for trouble. The interesting thing is that the more you are trying to make the Muslims look violent and evil, the more God is exposing your true face. You keep crying about your camera and about your freedom of religion, but the cops won't have it nor will the audience. You had a camera, you have freedom of faith, but that does not give you the authority to cause trouble and to incite people to violence. Be it that those people who were around you were violent or not, the incitation came from you. The law states that freedom of speech is up to the limit of inciting violence and even though you were not calling people to violence by words, your presence, your shirts and your history were.
David thats like going in the middle of a homosexual group with a shirt saying GAYS ARE DEAD, with a camera to record the outcome, and having a history with the group from a previous year, where you caused problems.
You keep saying you were asking questions, you wanted to discuss, so why that place? If you wanted do preach the Gospel you could have booked a booth like the other peaceful Christian groups and preach. No one stopped you. That way you could have recorded your conversations (with the permission of those who came to visit you - do not forget, as this is standard ethics, you should ask permission before putting someone in camera. As a teacher I need to get my student's parents to sign permission forms for pictures and videos, and some refuse and they are not Muslim).

David, Nabeel and the rest of Acts 17. May God guide you to truth, and remove from your hearts your prides, and egos.

Acts17 arrested

Acts17Apologetics Group Arrested and Put in Jail (Amazing!!!)
Yes, the title says it all. The controversial evangelical group has had its co-founders arrested. You may remember the controversy they caused at last years Arab Festival in Dearborn; they were ejected from the event by security. This year they top that by getting arrested.

Here is Nabeel Qureshi letting us know of this embarrassing occurrence:

Yes, you heard it here first, folks. David and I, along with Negeen and Paul Rezkalla, were arrested and spent last night in jail. It is a long story which we will elaborate in full detail when we can, and we will post footage when the police give us back our cameras.

David Wood and Acts17Apologetics Were Looking For Trouble Under the Guise of Evangelism

Prior to this festival, in learning of David Wood's intentions to return to the Arab Festival in Dearborn I warned my friend (Antonio Santana) from travelling with David Wood as Wood seemed to be intent on controversy.

In preparation for the Arab Festival 2010 David Wood bought a camera and asked his supporters to help him with the cost, he ominously appended his desire to have a camera handy for the event with the words:

We hope the dialogues at the Arab Festival are peaceful, but we need cameras in case Muslims decide to kick our heads in

I recognised David Wood was looking for controversy (hence my advice to my friend Antonio Santana (MBI3030) who was planning to accompany them); he got his controversy by spending the night in Dearborn City Jail.

To further point to David Wood's desire to incite controversy at this years Arab Festival we can take a look at this comment he made prior to leaving for Dearborn:

Muslims have threatened us with death if we return to the festival, so now we definitely have to show up.

Eye Witness Account?

UPDATE: An alleged eye-witness on Pam Gellar’s blog points the blame at David Wood:

I was among many Christian groups that were at the festival, evangelizing Muslims. None of us had problems. We all saw David Wood and his video group trying to cause a scene.
They are trying to showboat, please stop believing them

Thinking logically

Now, if you are not looking for controversy why would you turn up to such hotbed of "hostility"? It is clear David Wood was not going there to preach the Gospel; Wood admitted to me that his blog is not designed to preach Christianity but warn against Islam. Thus, it appears, Wood was looking to provoke inflammatory Muslim behaviour in order to film it to get his propaganda video clips to warn people against Islam. This is insincere to the hilt.

The Police Clearly Saw Reason to Arrest David Wood and Co

David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi can plead their innocence all they like, but the police are an upstanding group of men and women who clearly saw Wood and Qureshi contravening American Law, hence their arrest and subsequent incarceration.

As David Wood's (and Nabeel Qureshi's) reputation for honesty has been sullied in the past we are more likely to believe the American Police force than Wood and Qureshi in any case. they can protest all they like; the fact remains the Police deemed the "evangelists" at Acts17Apologetics as people who were breaching the peace

David Wood is Harming Sister Negeen

Negeen is a young convert to Christianity (ex-Muslim) and David Wood seems to be manipulating her naivety and using her to further his hate and ego laden agenda. Quite what Negeen's family think of her spending the night in jail is beyond me. David Wood needs to have more concern for others rather than having tunnel vision for his anti-Muslim agenda.

Perhaps this episode will provide Negeen with a moment of clarity and she will realise the folk at Acts17Apologetics are not the most "christian" or the type you want to be mixing with.

Damage to the Church

David Wood's Church must be absolutely ashamed. At a time where controversy is upon the Church and many evangelists such as Ergun Caner our friend David Wood acts in the most reckless fashion conceivable and pours more controversy on Christian evangelism and the Church. Sad.

Damage to Dr James White (Alpha and Omega Ministries) and Reverend Tony Costa

Dr James White has his lot in with the folk at Acts17Apologetics, this just further intensifies the investigations and controversy which pursues White. White would do well to disassociate himself from such a controversial group.

Reverend Tony Costa is affected to a lesser extent as he seems to be free from any association with David Wood's group. Perhaps this is wisdom paying off for Costa.

The Future of Acts17Apologetics

Acts17Apologetics clearly has a fan base who provides financial support thus it is an established group. All this means Wood and Qureshi will probably still stick around and keep the Acts17Apologetics group open despite another shameful episode which further sullies their credibility as a genuine place for information and evangelism.

Christians need to stop shooting themselves in the foot by supporting people who are simply looking to gain fame and feed their ego

Any questions... please direct them to the author of this article, Yahya snow

Saturday, June 19, 2010

uk denies Zakir Naik

This is the best example of taking things out of context
Dr. Zakir Naik is a preacher of peace hence his television station PEACE TV.
He denounces terrorism and never ever invited anyone to be a terrorist.
The mere statement quoted in this article is out of context and was made by dr. Naik
as a sarcastic remark in a certain context.
Dr Zakir Naik is a respecte speaker in all of the Middle East.
May Allah bless him.

UK blocks influential preacher Zakir Naik
David Sapsted, Foreign Correspondent
Last Updated: June 18. 2010 10:03PM UAE / June 18. 2010 6:03PM GMT
Dr Zakir Naik, pictured on a visit to Dubai last August, has been blocked from entering the UK. Jeff Topping / The National

LONDON // A radical Indian preacher, who once counselled that “every Muslim should be a terrorist”, has been barred from entering the United Kingdom.

Zakir Naik, a 44-year-old television preacher based in Mumbai, was due to have arrived in London this weekend for a series of lectures across the country.

But the home secretary, Theresa May, decided to sign an exclusion order barring him from the country, a move that has dismayed civil rights campaigners who see the ban as flying in the face of the principles of free speech.

Mrs May said yesterday: “I have excluded Dr Naik from the UK. Numerous comments made by Dr Naik are evidence to me of his unacceptable behaviour. Coming to the UK is a privilege not a right, and I am not willing to allow those who might not be conducive to the public good to enter the UK.”

Two years ago, Dr Naik claimed in a lecture on Peace TV, the free-to-air satellite channel he founded, that “it is a blatant, open secret that this attack on the Twin Towers was done by George Bush himself” to give the United States an excuse to attack Iraq.

In 2006, Dr Naik, whose pronouncements have often caused divisions within Islamic sects, said: “Beware of Muslims saying Osama bin Laden is right or wrong. I reject them; we don’t know.

“But if you ask my view, if given the truth, if he is fighting the enemies of Islam, I am for him. I don’t know what he’s doing. I’m not in touch with him. I don’t know him personally. I read the newspaper.

“If he is terrorising the terrorists, if he is terrorising America the terrorist, the biggest terrorist, every Muslim should be a terrorist.”

Inayat Bunglawala, a spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain, said he believes that Mrs May was wrong to ban Dr Naik, who has lectured in Britain before.

“This is just the latest in a series of ‘naming and shaming’ exclusion orders that began a couple of years ago when the former Labour government said that it would introduce a policy of banning ‘preachers of hate’ from visiting the UK,” he wrote on The Guardian newspaper’s website.

Mr Bunglawala said Dr Naik had recently condemned not only the 9/11 attacks but also the 2005 suicide bombings in London and the serial train bombings in Mumbai.

He pointed out that Mrs May is also considering barring another controversial Muslim preacher, the Jamaican-born Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips.

“We already have a sufficient number of laws on the statute books to deal with incitement to hatred and violence,” Mr Bunglawala argued.

“The fact is that both Bilal Philips and Zakir Naik have visited the UK on several occasions in the past and their speaking tours have passed by without incident.

“So why not just uphold our existing laws rather than seek to pre-emptively ban them?”

Dr Naik is the first person to be excluded from the UK since Mrs May, a Conservative, became home secretary in the new coalition government last month.

The Peace TV website describes Dr Naik as “a medical doctor by professional training … and a dynamic international orator on Islam and comparative religion”.

It adds: “Dr Naik clarifies Islamic viewpoints and clears misconceptions about Islam using the Quran.”

Ironically, one of his talks during his UK tour was scheduled to be: “Freedom of Expression – an Islamic Perspective”.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Hijab Martyr

Islamophobia is growing around the world, and ignorance and hatred combined with the evil intentions of people who control the media are the causes of such brutal murders.

islamdunk and jibreelk answering attacks against Islam are one

Alhamdulilha we are pleased to announce that Islamdunk is back with a new flavor.  From now on islamdunk will not only provide you with quality entertainment, lectures, interviews (ALL UNDER 10 MINUTES SECTIONS) but at the same time, you will be able to access islamic knowledge, advices, and answers to common misconceptions and attacks on Islam.  Islamdunk and jibreelk's youtube dawa have joined forces and are now one under  Please subscribe, follow us and spread the message to all your friends.  

Monday, June 14, 2010

But of course no one believed us

Girls now begin puberty aged 9
Lois Rogers

Link to article at TIMES ONLINE

GROWING numbers of girls are reaching puberty before the age of 10, raising fears of increased sexual activity among a new generation of children.

Scientists believe the phenomenon could be linked to obesity or exposure to chemicals in the food chain, and is putting girls at greater long-term risk of breast cancer.

A study has revealed that breast development in a sample of 1,000 girls started at an average age of 9 years and 10 months — an entire year earlier than when a similar cohort was examined in 1991.

The research was carried out in Denmark in 2006, the latest year for which figures were available, but experts believe the trend applies to Britain and other parts of Europe. Data from America also point to the earlier onset of puberty.

Should children get gastric bands?
Condoms are winning the safe-sex debate
Scientists warn that such young girls are ill-equipped to cope with sexual development when they are still at primary school.

“We were very surprised that there had been such a change in a period of just 15 years,” said Anders Juul, head of the Department of Growth and Reproduction at the University hospital in Copenhagen, a world leader in the study of hormones and growth.

“If girls mature early, they run into teenage problems at an early age and they’re more prone to diseases later on. We should be worried about this regardless of what we think the underlying reasons might be. It’s a clear sign that something is affecting our children, whether it’s junk food, environmental chemicals or lack of physical activity.”

Hitting puberty early can mean longer exposure to oestrogen, which is a factor in breast cancer. There is also a greater risk of heart disease.

A number of artificially produced chemicals have been blamed for interfering with sexual development, notably bisphenol A, a plastic found in the lining of tin cans and babies’ feeding bottles.

Juul’s research team is now testing blood and urine samples from girls in the study to see if a direct link can be drawn between early sexual maturation and bisphenol A.

Another factor in puberty could be diet. Children are eating more than previous generations and growing bigger — and in many cases becoming obese.

There has been a steady lowering in the onset of puberty. In the 19th century, it was at about 15 for girls and 17 for boys.

The international standard for normal puberty in white girls was set in the 1960s at 12Å for the age when periods begin and at about 14 for boys when their voices break and their growth surges.

A more recent consensus in Britain has proved elusive. “Although we don’t have clear data here, there is evidence the same thing [as in Denmark] is happening for reasons that we don’t understand,” said Richard Sharpe, head of the Medical Research Council’s human reproductive sciences unit in Edinburgh.

“We don’t know if this is the result of better nutrition or environmental factors, but it does create social problems for girls who are already living in a sexualised society.”

Sharpe said boys had also been affected by the phenomenon. Choir schools have reported an increasing number of boys dropping out because their voices had broken at the age of 12 or 13.

Richard Stanhope, an expert in hormonal disorders in children who recently retired from Great Ormond Street hospital, said specialists in his field believed they were seeing more children going through early puberty.

“All the things we experience as teenagers are difficult enough to cope with, but when it happens at 10 or 11 it is much worse,” he said.

“These children are also at a much higher risk of being sexually abused because it is hard for some adults to understand and behave appropriately towards them.”

Girls who reach puberty early often find themselves teased at school. “I had to wear a bra at 9,” said one girl, who did not want to be named. “I used to pretend to be ill to get out of changing for PE.

“The worst part was men coming on to me as though I was an adult when actually I was 11.”

A study published in the journal Public Health Nutrition last Friday showed a link between high meat consumption and earlier puberty in girls.

Researchers at Brighton University found that 49% of girls who ate meat 12 times a week at the age of 7 had reached puberty by the age of 12 1/2, compared with 35% of those who ate meat four times a week or less.

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