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Friday, June 25, 2010

God is telling people not to worship other than Him

A huge statute of Jesus has been turned into ashes in Ohio.  The Touchdown Jesus as they have nick named it, was a stature in front of a church in Ohio representing Jesus with his hands up to the heaven.  Lightning has struck the statute and reduced it to its scales.

Now I have looked at some of the discussions on some of the news sites, but all I can say is that Jesus peace be upon him like this statue was a creation. He was a man.  One of the best of men to ever walk this earth but he was only a man.  Created things, like this statue are not to be worshiped not to be used as signs of adoration of love.

God alone is the source of all power, the one and only to be worshiped, the one and only who does not die,  neither was He born, and there is nothing like Him.

We invite our Christian friends to reflect over the incident, and regardless if this was a sign or not (lightning does not strike Jesus statues very often), they should use their intellect and understand that Jesus is not God, and the only one to forgive their sins is God, so will they not repent to Him?

We invite our Christian friends to come to Islam, to submit their faces to the Creator, and to pray and fast like Jesus did, and to abandon the teachings of those who were against Jesus.



Nadia said...

Bism Allah Alrahman Alraheem

Asalam Alykom brothers and sisters.

A wonderful article. This brings me back 2 years ago when I started talking with my mother about why I left Christianity.I remember that as an Orthodox Christian I had this belief that Isa alyhi asallam (Jesus Christ) had a devine nature. A nature that made him god (according to the Christian doctrine)which was very confusing. I remember telling my mom about the islamic perspective of Isa alyhi asallam and that made her reflect more about it. At the beginning it sounded strange however later on, alahmduliAllah she did accept the islamic perspective which made perfect sence, that Isa was just a man , a wondeful person, a prophet.

AlhamduliAllah I pray that every Christian and Jew gets to understand the truth about Jesus who we have to love as Muslims.


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