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Shamoun's Lowly Character

Sam thinks he can beat everyone in a debate and that he has already done so. Things have not even happened yet he can predict with certainty outcomes. He thinks no one can answer him. Check out a list of answers right here.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sam Shamoun, from Christianity to the Nation of Islam (NOI) !!

I must say that this blew me off my feet. What can I make out of it, except to say that things are making sense now. Sam Shamoun's deep hatred for Islam, his foul languages when engaged in discussions with Muslims, his psychological imbalances that he presents in his debates. As a major of psychology, being fascinated with human thought, feelings/emotions, personality and what influences I must say that things are making sense. I no longer look at Sam Shamoun in a puzzled way for his hatred, his deliberate manipulations and distortions (and more important the fact that he himself believes he is truthful) of Islam.

Sam Shamoun was Nation of Islam for aprox. 4 years and then he reverted back to Christianity. I never knew that and this was never mentioned by him, or by anyone else in any of his introductions or biographies on any of his work. I wonder why? Does he hate Islam so much that he cannot even mention that at one point he was part of at least some kind of offshoot of it?

I do have to be fair and say that I appreciate the fact that at least he does not pull the so often common trick of I WAS A MUSLIM I KNOW ISLAM, I AM AN APOSTATE NOW, I AM A SCHOLAR OF ISLAM. At least he says that Nation of Islam are not considered Muslims, over which there is no disagreement amongst the Ahlul Sunnah wa Jamah, those who follow the prophet Muhammad pbuh.

May Allah guide Sam Shamoun. I am calling for a world wide duaa/prayer for Sam Shamoun from all the Muslims, to ask Alalh the Most High to guide Sam Shamoun, to open his heart and to remove the hatred and replace it with love as it was done before to many people who hated Islam, hated the prophet pbuh, yet they became the ones who loved them the most.

Watch the following video in which Sam admits he was part of Nation of Islam.


The Forgotten Hero said...

But of course,"part" of a nation of Islam are even the Copts. I don't think he abandoned Islam.But he might have been a Syriac Christian or an Evangelical or Coptic Christian who is propagating all that against Islam.

Anonymous said...

Here is a chance for ANY MUSLIM to win $50,000 US dollars if any can prove prophet Muhammad was not a :-

1.a narcissist 2.a misogynist 3.a rapist
4.a pedophile 5.a lecher 6.a torturer
7.a mass murderer 8.a cult leader 9. an assassin
10.a terrorist 11.a mad man 12.a looter

Harriet MissA said...

This man is a manipulator and an insincere vile person. He does not seek the truth but only strives to twist the truth to keep earning money for 'trying' to prove Islam wrong in the best (most decreitful) way possible. I wouldn't waste a prayer on him. True there were many haters of Islam who later converted but they were ignorant haters, so when they discovered the truth they changed but his case is different, he knows the truth but twists it as he is NOT sincere, he only wants to show himself, he is an egocentric!

Harriet MissA said...

It is accusations that need proofs so YOU my friend are the one who needs to provide proofs from valid Islamic sources for this garbage you repeated either ignorantly or knowingly (God knows best) from haters and manipulators of Islam. If what you said were true then Islam wouldn't be the fastest growing religion on earth! It would have collapsed ages ago! So you're accusing every convert (and there are millions) of being blind or an ignorant fool!

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