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Shamoun's Lowly Character

Sam thinks he can beat everyone in a debate and that he has already done so. Things have not even happened yet he can predict with certainty outcomes. He thinks no one can answer him. Check out a list of answers right here.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is Shamoun that brave?

Sam Shamoun is not unknown to the debate community on the net, especially when his ways of dealing with his opponents are not very clean. Recently he has been outdoing himself by insulting Yahya, myself and others such as Shabir Ali and Sami.

Sam claims that we are scared to debate him, but he fails to mention that we are debating him, however not in the way he wants. So since he does not get his way, he will not miss any opportunity to insult us and to challenge us thinking that we might give in.

For those who might wonder why do we refuse to debate him on a face to face or live basis, as debates usually are that way, let me tell you that you might want to realize that the topics that we are discussing are very sensitive and cannot sometimes be given justice in a debate face to face. Why?

Well first and foremost debates are not always based on truth but rather the debate skills of the ones presenting. I have admitted many times that Shamoun is a very good debater however that does not mean he is speaking the truth or that the truth is on his side. That has to be taken into consideration by a good debater before he engages his opponent. That is exactly what I have done. I did not refuse to debate him, as I will always do that, insh Allah till the day I die I will keep refuting the lies and misconceptions that people such as Sam keep propagating in the world, however to each person I might take a different approach based on calculated and educated choices.

What am I scared of? I can tell you that it's not Sam or any person in this world, it is God that I am scared of. So did I run, did I ever run, did I ever act cowardly? No NO NO NO NO NO. Sam would like you to think that and he keeps saying that about Yahya as well, but that is only because we are killing him softly with our words, our refutations and our arguments which are researched well, which have a time factor that could not be possible in a face to face debate, and which allow our audience to realize the tricks that Shamoun would be able to pull in a face to face debate, but cannot in a debate where the opponent has time to research and investigate all the allegations put forth.

Given the above Sam is boiling inside and the only thing he can do is try his hardest to upset us, to insult us, in order to get us to finally break and say FINE WE'LL DO IT FACE TO FACE. I want to make a note here. This does not mean we or I will never debate Shamoun under a different format but for now this format is the best, as it allows the MUSLIM side to show the audience the flaws of the arguments, replay the information given by Shamoun and expose the flaws one by one, while correcting them and giving people the proper information. At the same time the inconsistency and double standards of Shamoun are shown. There might be a time when I will debate Sam in a different format, maybe one day when he can control his emotions, his hatred and his mouth. We might feel that in the future an intellectual debate is possible, however since intellectual debates entitle clean speech we might have to wait a bit for Sam to mature.

Till then we are and we will keep debating him, but in the format of YOU MAKE A VIDEO I RESPOND, THEN YOU RESPOND, THEN I RESPOND allowing our audiences to be able to go beyond just witnessing a spectacle of words, and debate skills to a state where they can actually digest the information, check the claims and confirm the truth themselves as GOD GAVE THEM A MIND ALSO AND NOT ONLY TO SAM.

In conclusion, when Shamoun keeps complaining and accusing us of not wanting to debate him, that is not true. We are debating him, and everyone on youtube can see it, as they have, it's only that we are not doing it the way he wants which causes a big problem for him and his folk, who are being exposed for the lies they are spreading about ISLAM, loosing audiences every day, and actually allowing Muslims and non Muslims to see the truth of the argument and choose ISLAM as their way of life, as it was the way of life of Jesus and all the prophets from before.


Yahya Snow said...

Also Sam pretty much left the debate with you half-way through. Keith has to pick up the pieces now.

Through such an action Sam is looking like an amateur

Talking about amateurs...his colleague has been found peddling internet hoaxes as fact.

InshaAllah I will post the video on here

Jibreelk said...

It's very interesting that he thinks he is destroying Islam while actually people see his lame arguments they start stymying Islam more

I'm really amazed that he allows Keith to represent him

Anonymous said...

@ yahya,shabir,sami and others i congratulate you for a job well done.may almighty ALLAH reward you AMEN.I am a muslim from nigeria and after reading some of the works of mr sam shamon i found out that he is just there to deceive and even intentionally misquote the verse of the qur'an on many occations especially on the story of maryam the mother of jesus.

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