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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Islamophobes are Confusing People

That's the sound of inevitability

It is inevitable disingenuous Islamophobes are indeed going to give rise to a load of misconceptions. Sadly, Samar Gorial of ABN Sat was absolutely oblivious to rulings concerning Jizya despite having a bunch of “experts” as her colleagues. Why is this? Her colleagues consist of some of the most obnoxiously deceptive folk I have had the misfortune of encountering.

As an individual who investigates Christian outreaches to Muslims I can honestly say the outrage which I have witnessed from Samar Gorial’s colleagues and those who support the enterprise is even more debauched than Robert Morey’s fabrication of Ahadith literature.

Samar Gorial was devoid of any sound understanding of Jizyah as her primary teachers are agenda driven - an agenda which is demonization of Muslims. Thank God Muslims are on hand to clear away the bag of tricks, gags and heckles her colleagues of used for obfuscation purposes.

Why did Samar Gorial not know this?


Jibreelk said...

Robert Spencer is a self proclaimed scholar. Can you imagine what kind of info he gave to the US military when he was training them on Islam and Jihad. This is why there is so much hatred against Muslims. The US gov has to stop employing such people when they want to know about such critical and sensitive issues.
May God help us all.

Anonymous said...

You all are a disgusting lot of snarky snake oil salesmen fabricating a gender issue out of this that is totally beside the point. Clever semantics and video editing may fool some people, ala al-Taqiyya, but for the rest of us, your so-called faith stinks as badly as your smelly wudu-washed asses. It only goes to show that no matter how many times you polish a turd, a turd is a turd, it still smells like a turd. The jizya was still a tax imposed by the victors over the vanquished and served along with time as an economically coercive method of effecting the conversion of a formerly Christian population to the belief system of Muhammad. That immutable fact alone proves the onerous nature of the jizya no matter how you try to spin it.

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