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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Walid Shoebat Proves his Extremism on ABNSat

Walid Shoebat shows his extremist core

On a Christian missionary satellite TV show (ABN) Walid Shoebat revealed his desire to nuke (nuclear bomb) Muslims. I was lost for words. Here we have a Christian fundamentalist who bangs on about “Islam is violent” yet he wants to eradicate Muslims from the face of the earth. Self projection on the part of Walid?

Walid Shoebat on ABN Sat reveals his extreme hatred (2 minute video)

I was surprised the host, Samar Gorial, never rebuked him for such a comment. In fact they carried on merrily with the rest of their show – "Jihad Exposed" – yes, that’s what they named the show. I guess the only “Jihad” they exposed was Walid Shoebat’s nuclear “Jihad”.

Perhaps the director of the station, Bassim Gorial, would like to rebuke the extreme comments

Muslims should be balanced

We as Muslims should be mindful of Islamophobia but always maintain fairness and distinguish between the moderate Christians and the extremists. NOT all Christians want to butcher us – in fact MOST would OPPOSE Walid Shoebat’s views. Walid’s views are certainly not compatible with the teachings of Muhammad or Jesus (pbut).

Quite where this radical Christian acquired such views is beyond us. I sensed Walid is cut off from a path constructive path and has fallen onto a destructive path. I invite Walid Shoebat to Islam so he can adopt a constructive path in which he is at peace with his Creator.

May Allah protect and guide us all. Ameen.


Jibreelk said...

Wow... what more can I say. At first I doubted Waleed being a terrorist but now I have no room for doubt. He was and still is a terrorist, and he should be sent to prison if he expresses such violent opinions and wishes openly.
I am sure if it was a Muslim saying that you would have the anti terror team breaking through his window before he could finish his statement.

Keep it up Yahya.... they want to nuke us we will keep showing them the truth ... what double standard hypocrites we have to deal with. But I am not surprised as the prophet sas already told us about such people so it
s just fulfillment of prophecy.

Anonymous said...

lol i just think it's funny cuz he would probably pee his pants if he was approached my an extremest haha....not that i think extremists are good T.T

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