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Shamoun's Lowly Character

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

What every Christian needs to know about the Quran - James White

Article written by Yahya Snow

It seems as though it is silly season all over again

Dr James White is planning to write a book on Islam and he has already got the title in mind. Given White’s history of blunder and dishonesty with regards to Islam, can we really expect something other than a blunder-filled missionary tome?

A Scholarly Book on ISLAM by Dr James White?

As one commentator asked, can we really trust James White to give a truthful book about Islam? His answer said it all – “never in a million years”.

Now, folk who are unfamiliar with James White will be thinking why in the world is he so untrustworthy. Well, White has a history of blundering about Islam. Once called out for such blunders he either (dishonestly) maintains he is correct or remains silent and never corrects the blunder. Yep, White KNOWINGLY leaves his readers/viewers misinformed. How difficult is it to edit a video or an online article and correct it? Not difficult at all for those who have a regard for accuracy – White is lacking in this regard!

Dr James White has NOT READ the books he requires!!!

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Our James has NOT EVEN READ the books he plans to use for the writing of his book. Does that make sense? He has planned the title and the objectives, but has not read the books he will use. Odd.

You may be thinking "how do you know he has not read the books"? Well, he has not even purchased the books. In fact, he is asking people off the internet to purchase them for him!

Are you jerking our chain?

I’m serious. He wants YOU to buy him the books he will use to help write his book. Perhaps he will share the profits with us!

James White under the heading “Here's How You Can Help” writes “Human nature being what it is, there is a downside to my going into "book mode." It's pretty simple: we are a small ministry. We do not have fund raisers….”

“…. I use the Ministry Resource List to obtain the materials I need for these projects, and I have put a number of such resources on that list just recently, one of which is mighty expensive, but it would be incredibly helpful”

I popped over to his ministry resource list. There are six books he is wanting (I believe at least five are for this book). I have presented a screenshot and I have noticed one of them is yet to be released.

Profit sharing? Standard procedure? I don’t know!

He has decided the title and aims of the book without having read the relevant Islamic material. Is this standard procedure? I don’t know - it seems odd.

Is White simply going to quote mine from these books or is he actually going to read and understand them? If he actually studies them then surely it will be extremely difficult for him to write TWO books (one is unrelated to Islam) and READ and DIGEST all six books he wants us to purchase for him within a year (whilst travelling to London and Ireland as well as maintaining the podcasts). What type of standard of work are we expecting here? A concoction of internet polemics and quotes mined from books he has not digested? I don’t know.

Moreover if we purchase him these books will he share the profits and what will he do with the books after their use? I don’t know. [See the comment section for the full quote and decide for yourselves]

Dishonesty and inconsistency – history of James White

James White used a fabrication (from a CHRISTIAN missionary hit piece) and attributed the source to a MUSLIM scholarly work. Furthermore, James White has never acknowledged where he got the fabrication from – nor has he acknowledged the erroneous nature of the fabrication he used. How difficult is it to admit he (unknowingly) used a fabrication thinking it was a legitimate source? Not difficult at all to those who value intellectual honesty and accuracy.

I have personally rebuked him from this very blog. I rebuked him for using a “made up” translation of a Quranic Verse – YES, he decided against using a recognised translation from the NUMEROUS out there and used one made up by his pal (a chap who makes his own up to convince people Islam allows BESTIALITY!!!) - Just made up and totally fallacious!

Once called out for this our James White, to his audience, maintained he was correct by linking to the MADE UP (and proven wrong) translation by his pal. Dishonest, inconsistent and sad – how difficult would it have been to have a regard for accuracy and admitting the blunder and abjuring oneself? Not difficult at all. Note White has STILL NOT bothered correcting himself:

Furthermore, White was rebuked to linking to an article which carried ANOTHER made up translation – White labelled this as “excellent Quranic insights”. This highlights his utter lack of regard for truth and consistency. He has STILL NOT BOTHERED to correct the error:

Being mindful this is turning out to be a lengthier post than I would like I will try to truncate it and allow you, the reader, to research White’s blunders and dishonest episodes for yourselves.

Did James White lie in the Greg Stafford debate – he is accused of such

Did James White use deception in the Robert Price debate – he is accused of such

White maintains more disrespectful and misleading material - knowingly

Dr White ...Insufficient and unfounded arguments

NOTE: the reason why White has never acknowledged (nor corrected) the above blunders are due to his pride and his desire to appear reliable and learned regarding Islam. Sadly, many Christian evangelists want to present themselves as learned in Islam despite being incompetent in such a subject. Just look at the sad example of the now shamed Ergun Caner.

In my opinion, James White appears to be angling for a teaching job vis-à-vis Islam in Christian apologetics classes. White is terribly blunder-prone and intellectually dishonest. These classes would be better served by bringing in folk who have a regard for consistency, accuracy and integrity.

Unchristian behaviour plus dishonest and unruly friends/colleagues

Firstly, let’s start with James White. White and his colleague have been caught on RADIO insulting Russian and Mormon (Brigham Young’s wives) women based on appearance. They have even gained years of “entertainment” in doing so. White has never apologized for this outrageous bout of audio:

Sam Shamoun – this is James’ teacher and close friend. Sam Shamoun is the most shamed of Christian apologists – even more so than Ergun Caner. Sam Shamoun, in 2008 presented the thighing hoax as fact despite it being made up by Arab Christians on the net – perhaps these were Sam’s colleagues and/or friends. We don’t know as Sam Shamoun has gone all silent on us

Moreover, Sam has put James in hot water as James has been borrowing from Sam. Sadly, this borrowing meant James wound up using MADE UP AND ERRONEOUS Quranic translations – White was absolutely oblivious to it, which just further impugns White’s scholarship. Shamoun presents low level lies such as “Islam allows sex with animal”. The moral of the story – choose HONEST friends.

NOTE: James White has been invited to rebuke and disassociate himself from Sam Shamoun’s unruly and uncouth behaviour. White declined. I guess that’s integrity and consistency for you. White rebukes the easy target (Ergun Caner) but the one closer to home get’s away with insult and lies.

White seems to be covering and protecting Shamoun. I guess it is a close relationship. Perhaps Shamoun is helping with the book - What Every Christian Needs to Know about the Qur'an – by James White

Here is Sam Shamoun abusing Muslims and Islam:

Walid Shoebat – though James White has gone on record denouncing old Walid, James is colleagues with such a man. Why has he not told his employers as to Shoebat’s misleading and erroneous ways? I guess with the opportunity to appear on the box and advance your career all levels of consistency and integrity go out of the window.

David Wood – Aside from claiming he was arrested because of “Sharia” and other dishonest outrages he has presented a sex hoax whilst claiming it to be a fact, this is the SAME hoax his friend Shamoun presented two years earlier. How sad.

Kamal Saleem – This is another “ex-terrorist” colleague of James White. This one makes up his own Ahadith literature. Yes, he fabricates hadith amongst other lies and blunders.

Nabeel Qureshi – he knowingly uses fallacious translations of Ahadith literature. He has STILL not come clean and corrected himself. A sad indictment of James White’s inability is White’s featuring of Nabeel Qureshi’s dishonest work – White is STILL featuring such misleading work!

Pastor Joseph – this is James White’s friend and colleague on ABN. He presents lies such as Islam allows homosexuality amongst other outrages.

The old adage “A man is on the path of his friend” is quite telling and impugning.


James White is out of his league. The only relationship he should be having with a book concerning Islamic matters is that of a reader not as a writer. Sadly, the hunt for kudos and a few extra dollars is quite a self-deluding tool.

Our advice to James is to clean up his act and spend time studying, correcting his previous blunders and double checking his previous work - even Catholics (Catholicism is an area James knows much better than Islam) are calling him out on past inconsistencies and blunders. Time better served, James.

Senior Muslim scholars are wary of TV shows which put scholars in a position to give edicts via phone-in shows. The reason behind the warning is to guard against error. Contrast this prudency with James White’s recklessness - he is writing a book despite being unqualified and error-prone.

We shall not recommend his book to anyone. Obviously, some Muslim apologists may purchase it in order to sift for errors but those who are interested in learning should be mindful where you take your education from. Here is a suggestion to his followers, rather than relying on the unreliable why not sift through material yourself and do your OWN research. Just a suggestion…

Thus knowledge constitutes your deen (religion), so be wary of whom you take your religion from – Ibn Sirin [Ibn Hibban credited this statement to other scholars too]

PS If you have any errors or bouts of dishonesty you would like to highlight related to James White you can always leave a comment or drop an email.



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