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Monday, January 24, 2011

The piety of prophet Muhammad and Umar

Seventeen Gray Hairs and 21 Patches
(A look into the piety of a teacher and a student, Muhammad pbuh and Omar rd)
by Jibreelk

It was without a doubt a difficult blow that I have received the first time I have heard people talking ill about Muhammad pbuh.
It was nothing new to me, I mean talking bad about people, backbiting as it is a custom of Westerners to do such whenever they don't like someone, even if that person is the most upright in character and behavior. I myself used to involved in such behavior as a non Muslim, being part of just who I was. With Islam things changed. There was a spiritual awareness that such a act is evil and the root cause of many problems in families and society at large. I learned from a prophet that if you believe in God and the Day of Judgement you should speak good or keep quiet. I learned that backbiting and speaking evil of people is as if you would be eating the dead flesh of that person. He taught me everything. I am who I am today because of God sending Muhammad to humanity to instruct us in the straight path. Yet such a great man, like all prophets did not escape the sharp tongue of those whose hearts are constricted with hatred of the truth.

One by one people would come and claim that they know the real face of Muhammad, an impostor, a fake, a man of the devil, and other adjectives that are not appropriate to be used. I told them they were wrong and that they don't know such a man. They never lived a day in their lives like Muhammad. In my mind the comforting thought of the remembrance of the stories from the Bible and how those great prophets were also maligned and accused of all that Muhammad was accused of. It is a trend, I said to myself. Most of the people I have met never undertook a sincere study of Muhammad's life. His achievements, his civil life, his family, his faith. Evil wishers such as Shamoun, Wood and other groups of pseudo callers to God never spend one minute in their lives to sincerely understand Muhammad, to sincerely study his life. They had in mind from minute one that they would crush him. However it is impossible to crush a giant when you are an ant.

During the 18th century a person by the name Lamartine conducted many lectures around France debating and challenging the existing view about Islam and its prophet. This came about as a dissatisfaction with what he taunt to be the lies of the so called scholars and orientalists at that time who would spend their spare time indoctrinating hatred of Islam and Muhammad in the minds of people. One must ask oneself why would someone take it upon themselves to go against the trend, to defend someone who is not even his own? There were and still are those who have a moral duty to humanity to speak the truth. Such was Lamartine, a man who saw in Muhammad a great example a great example indeed.

It is reported that preheat Muhammad had 17 gray hairs in his beard, which were a result of receiving certain verses from the Quran. He spend his nights in prayer, and days in the service of his family and people. He did not turn away someone who needed help, except by mistake with no wrong intention, and if he wronged anyone he would go and ask that person to take their right back. He slept on a mat of straws to the point that companions would cry out of seeing his back. He was just a traveler in this world, nothing more he would say. He gave in charity most of his wealth and ate with the poor and the widows. He played with the kids and wiped over their heads with affection, allowing to be guided by a young girl throughout town to help her with her problems. He left behind nothing of this world but everything of the hear after. He was a man of great piety and great love, he was a prophet. His students, his most beloved, understood the path he showed in the best ways and followed it to the teeth. A path that changed a drunkard, a killer, an extravagant, an abuser into the man with 21 patches on his robe. When he entered Jerusalem at the request of the Bishop to receive the keys of the city, he was holding the rope of his camel while his servant was riding it. It is reported that he was wearing a robe that had 21 patches on it.  Upon the request of his servant to switch, he replied Islam's honor is enough for all of us. Indeed it is says I. He threw pebbles at his generals who were dressed in extravagant robes and said have you forgotten the way of the prophet in only two years? He was the one who did not sleep at night but patrolled the streets to make sure that everyone is safe and content. His strictness was his softness and his softness was the edge that gave Islam its honor during that time, and centuries to come, and he only claimed to be the servant of God. He died as a martyr, laying buried next to his most beloved, Muhammad.

This is the tale of a teacher and a student, a prophet and a Farook, a story of righteousness and piety, of plight to God. Yet there are those who dear to insult both of them claiming to be of God. We ask them did you know Muhammad bin Abdullah and Omar ibn Al Khatab? You must have not known them. We pity you for you don't know what you have lost for not knowing them. But for some there is still time to these two righteous men, a teacher and a student, and the message that shun through them. THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD, AND MUHAMMAD IS HIS LAST MESSENGER.


Anonymous said...

mashallah!! i looooved the article .. brought tears to my eyes.. just reading it.. i pray Allah gives me more knowledge about the prophet PBUH and his companion Umar , and I pray Allah helps me follow their footsteps.. Jazak Allah !

Anonymous said...

The messenger said, "My Lord, my people have deserted this Quran." 25:30

This article is not mentioned in the Quran, instead its insulting every westerner and back biting. look for quidence in the Quran not stories form hadith and sunnah of bukhari and other story tellers. I was film and cried to, but the reality is the Quran. You dont need to know about the prophet,his companian and footsteps. Why do you think the Quran is revealed?

As for myself, Allah is the One Who is my Rabb and I do not associate anyone with Him.18:38

Jibreelk said...

My dear friend - it seems that you did not read the Quran properly. With all due respect you are the one who verse 30 of surah 25 speaks about. Did you read -

Verily, you have in the messenger of Allah, a most beautiful model (Uswa al-Hassanah)." Laqad kana lakum fee rasooli Allahi oswatun hasanatun Quran 33:21

Ok... so how many stories of prophet Muhammad are in the Quran that you can pick out without knowing the circumstances of revelation, what surrounds the story, who and what happened ?

You don't need to know about the foot steps of the prophet and companions?

He who obeys the Messenger has indeed obeyed Allah…” (an-Nisa’: 80)

It seems that you still did not read the Quran

But the prophet sas already warned us of such people as you

“I do not want to see any one of you reclining on his couch and, when he hears of my instructions or prohibitions, saying ‘I don’t accept it; we didn’t find any such thing in the Book of Allah.'”

So let's go more and let's see if you read the Quran

"O you believe, obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in authority among you. (And) if you differ in anything amongst yourselves, refer it to Allah and His Messenger if you believe in Allah and in the Last Day. This is better and more suitable for final determination." (4:59)

It seems that we not only to take the Messenger as an example and obey him as he speaks not of his own .. he is inspired ... but we also have to refer to scholars and those in charge....

Islam is a system of life that takes in consideration everything while you are trying to Make your own Islam so it fits only what you like...

May Allah guide you... sorry for being harsh but I can't take people who claim and quote from the Quran to fulfill their own desires because they cannot have guts to be proud of Muhammad and his companions because some Westerners are trying to accuse them of evils.

Anonymous said...

oooh jibreel! Tellin them haterz off!

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