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Teeth Breaking Responses To Those Who Want To Extinguish The Light Of Allah

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Shamoun's Lowly Character

Sam thinks he can beat everyone in a debate and that he has already done so. Things have not even happened yet he can predict with certainty outcomes. He thinks no one can answer him. Check out a list of answers right here.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Anonymous said...

jazakallah khair brother great work and inshallah your endeavor is successful.

I would just like to suggest that you get in touch with people at GUIDE US TV so you can air your shows on their sat channel which happens to be the same sat that abn is on.
These refutations are truly needed because abns's shows are roadblocks to the truth and turn people away from Islam before even giving it a chance. Inshallah your show can become the premier apologist/refutation show on sat to counter abn's efforts.

Anonymous said...

sorry brother but my comment above is concerning the jesus(s) and muhammad(p) show.

Jibreelk said...

Salamo Aleikum wrb
insh Allah I will look into it. Jizak Allah
Is this a Christian channel?

Anonymous said...

GUIDE US TV is a english language Muslim dawa channel their website is
I believe its run by Sh. Yusif Estes.
The channel airs in North America on Galaxy 19, Galaxy 25, and Telstar 5.

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