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Friday, April 29, 2011

Keith Truth Amateur and Fishy...

I’ve never really understood why the most zealous of Christian fundamentalists shun scholarship in favour of conjecture.

Here we have one of those young Islamophobic Christian apologists simply being unscholarly and presenting fanciful claims dressed up as “air tight” arguments. I introduce to you Keith Thompson (aka Keith Truth)

Note: If the video does not play please view here:

Allah is not an idol called Hubal

He is claiming Allah is Hubal (a pre-Islamic pagan idol) despite the fact true scholarship tells us the two were not the same. I guess Keith Thompson has been reliant on Islamophobes on the net for information – he has admitted he has been in consultation with an Islamophobe (Mr Shamoun) who claims Muslims can have sex with animals amongst other bouts of lunacy. Yikes!

Hey Keith, you may want to start shunning the lunacy on the net in favour of academics. Just a thought!

[See the video to see Keith Thompson’s Hubal theory debunked in a matter of seconds]

Is the Trinity in the Old Testament? No.

Keith Thompson is claiming he has “air tight” arguments for the “fact” of the Trinity in the OT.

Erm, somebody should have told him the world renowned CHRISTIAN apologist and scholar, William Lane Craig, does not agree with these “air tight” arguments of the Trinity being in the Old Testament. Though the scholar (William Lane Craig) believes the OT does not necessarily oppose the belief in the Trinity he admits if one reads the Old Testament he/she does not come away with the Trinity. Essentially the Trinity is not there – never mind being an “air tight” “fact”.

It appears Keith Thompson is over playing the neo-Trinitarian renditions of the Trinity being within the OT. Accuracy would dictate us to mention, neo-Trinitarians would point to verses which they believe to be allusions to the Trinity within the OT. Quite how Mr Thompson has elevated this to the level of “air tight” and “fact” is beyond us.

[See the video for the clip of William Lane Craig]

A word on the Angel of the Lord

Keith would do well to recognise our previous refutations of neo-Trinitarian claims of the OT angel of the Lord being God. I would suggest he further consults scholarship in the form of Samuel Meier on the said topic as well as common sense. Common sense is a fine thing.

Invitation to Keith

Keith, if you read Mark Siljander’s book you will recognise his admission that Jesus was likely to have used the word Allah (“Alah”) to refer to God. Consult scholarship on the historical practices of the early Christian communities – prior to Islam – you will note D. MacCulloch tells us Christians were praying in the manner of the Muslims and the use of prayer mats spanned from Syrian to Northumbria. Northumbria is a county in the UK. All this was before God revealed the Quran.

The real question is why were Christians praying like the Muslims prior to Islam? The answer is that they were simply following Jesus as Jesus worshipped Allah in the Muslim-style of prayer. I invite you to do the same – if it’s good enough for Jesus…

The choice is yours; do you want a relationship with the God of Jesus? If yes, come to Islam.

Keith avoid the crazed Islamophobes

You seem to have taken to much of the Islamophobic rhetoric which is banded about within extreme Christian circles. Don't be an Islamophobic - it's not healthy.

If you want to become a truth seeker you would do well to disassociate from the Islamophobic crowd and begin to research things for yourself. Oh, just in case some of the Islamophobes through concern that you are being swayed to the Truth decide to feed you with dribble of Muslims being allowed to lie to advance Islam through something called “taqiyya” try reading the scholarly truth about taqiyyah:

Here is more info about Arab pagans prior to Islam:

Mike Licona on Gospel contradictions:

Full: William Lane Craig Discussion with Rabbi Tovia Singer on Lee Strobel’s show

Christian missionary Pastor converts to Islam:

May Allah send His peace and blessings on all the Prophets. Ameen



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