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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Why The Trinity Is Invalid - Dr. Laurence Brown on The De...

Dr. Brown will provide our viewers with the top 10 reason why the trinity is not and was not a teaching of any of the prophets not even Jesus himself taught the trinity and he will prove that it is not valid. Enjoy!.

Key Points of This Video:
Introduction [start time 00:00]
The word trinity is not in the Bible [start time 03:16]
The Doctrine of Trinity is not found is not in the Bible [start time 03:24]
Where did this doctrine come from? [start time 04:24]
Trinity is an evolved doctrine [start time 05:24]
Harpers Bible Dictionary [start time 08:27]
The new catholic encyclopedia [start time 10:53]
Why I left Christianity [start time 13:54]
Did I have the holy spirit inside me? [start time 15:14]
No evidence that supports the Trinity [start time 16:57]
Conclusion [start time 26:41]


Anonymous said...

This is a series of straw men by a guy that was never Christian (as was stated)

The Facts

1. The Trinity as a descriptive term not being in scripture is as relevant as Tawhid not being in the Quran. Otherwise you must not believe in Tawhid. Do you? The First Strawman by Laurence Brown

2. The Doctrine of the Trinity is seen continually in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit each being presented as God, ONE GOD yet with three distinctions. In essence we see the same in humanity, body, Soul and Spirit or even in nature - H2O - Water, Ice, Vapour. (Readers can look at

The word for ONE in "The Lord is ONE" in Duet 6:4 is Echad which does not imply tawhid in the way Muslims want it but a Unity - not denying difference within as is seen in Gen 2:24 "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one (Echad) flesh."

Another Falsehood and Strawman by Laurence Brown

3. This doctrine did NOT come from Tertullian, it is clearly seen in early Church fathers directed mentored by the Apostles. To say such is a falsehood, Tertullian was simply the first to describe it in the term Trinity. Another Straw Man by Laurence Brown

Whilst the doctrine in was not given in a greek semantic as we are used to, the early church clearly recognised the key beliefs outlined in Trinitarian Doctrine, the divinity of Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Though there were dissenters they also denied things like the Virgin Birth, eating meat etc. Some Muslims like to think they were the 'true' muslims, no they were pagan gnostics that wanted God to fit their ideal. Islam itself draws from some of these misunderstandings.

4. Regarding the Comma Johanneum, what rubbish. Strawman again, No informed Christian would use these verses as their opening sortie in a discussion regarding the nature of God.

5. Do I have the Holy Spirit? Actually it has nothing to do with whether a preacher believes you have but whether you have chosen to repent and follow Christ as scriptures present him. The Eternal Lamb of God. Another Straw man by Laurence Brown

For someone to state 'their is no evidence to support the trinity' is to ignore scripture. Clearly Laurence Brown has positioned himself dogmatically and not even the Truth of who Christ has revealed himself to be will move him. I pray that he will seek the truth rather than justify his own position. Of course you being scared of the truth on this wall will likely delete it or refuse it to be posted.

“Very truly I tell you,” Jesus answered, “before Abraham was born, I am!” John 8:58 He also said in John 8:24

Jesus claimed to be the eternal God. To a Jew this was entirely clear and thus they tried to stone him. It is akin to claiming to being the creator (which is clearly stated of Jesus/Isa al Masih in the scriptures as well.

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