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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Deceptive David Wood of Answering Muslims Plagiarising Lies...

I’m sorry to announce the Christian bigot, David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics, is at it again – he is spreading LIES once again. Some folk just don’t know when to quit. Moreover, this bloke seems to be prattling on about sex an awful lot. I guess his ridiculous sex hoax has not shamed him. There’s no shaming the shameless!

Islamophobes out of control

David Wood is simply out of control with his unscholarly and deceptive musings. In this episode we catch old Dave plagiarising a whopper of a distortion from Robert Spencer and we note he deceptively quotes a Tafsir. For good measure we put up an interesting bible verse for Dave to wrap his interesting mindset around.

Lies and Video Tape: David Wood getting caught on video plagiarising LIES about sex from another misinformed bigot

If the video does not play please see:

Robert Spencer's Fabrication

Seen as David is simply parroting from Robert Spencer’s book (p. 173) we might as well present Sheikh Zayed Moustafa’s short sharp shrift directed at Robert Spencer concerning the nutty lie our Christian friend is plagiarising:

On page 173, the author [Robert Spencer] again interprets a famous verse in the Holy Quran in a way that is totally different from all the interpretations of the verse in any Islamic reference. In the Holy Quran (our translation):

“Your women are a tilth for you, so perform your tilth in whichever way you want to...” 2:223

The verse addresses an incident when some of the companions of the Prophet asked him about a Jewish myth that if the intercourse happened in a certain position, the baby would be born cross-eyed. The verse later was revealed to indicate that as long as you’re having natural intercourse with your wife, then you can have that intercourse in any position you want together. The verse never meant by any stretch of the imagination in 1400 years of Islam that a man can do to his wife whatever he wants. Mr. Spencer’s interpretation is just that offensively absurd.

[The Lies about Muhammad – How you were Deceived into Islamophobia by Moustafa Zayed p337]

Why would the Christian bigot, Dave, selectively quote? Deception!

And here is the entire commentary from Tafsir Jalalayn which Deceptive Dave partially quotes in order to miss the context so he can build his latest nutty 'sex position' claim:

Your women are a tillage for you, that is, the place where you sow [the seeds of] your children; so come to your tillage, that is, the specified place, the front part, as, in whichever way, you wish, whether standing up, sitting down, lying down, from the front or the back: this was revealed in response to the Jews saying that if a person had vaginal intercourse with his wife from behind, the child would be born cross-eyed; and offer for your souls, righteous deeds, such as saying, ‘In the Name of God’ (bismillāh) when you commence intercourse; and fear God, in what He commands and prohibits; and know that you shall meet Him, at the Resurrection, where He will requite you according to your deeds; and give good tidings, of Paradise, to the believers, who feared Him.

The bigot missed the highlighted portion out. The most important portion as it offers explanation to scupper his lie. Wow, he is a deceptive piece of work!

Christian bigot’s view on the Bible…

Men are in charge of women and women must obey them according to the BIBLE. If David used the same mindset then he will have to claim men get to have sex with their wives in any position they fancy ACCORDING to the BIBLE.

In fact this argument can be used more vociferously against the Bible, so David the next time you want to talk sex positions please open up your Bible (if you are consistent) rather than throwing it under the bus.

I would ask him to read Ephesians 5:22-24 as wives must submit to their husbands in everything. Yes the word "everything" is used.

So who is allowed to have sex in any sexual position they want? The Christian husband [according to Dave Wood’s mindset]!

David Collecting Cash for Hatred + Deception – ABNSAT

Would you want the down right dishonest and unscholarly collecting cash for your organisation (ABN)? Eh, Bassim Gorial?

Invitation to Islam

Please look beyond the crazy lies that Islamophobes work assiduously and give Islam a chance. May Allah bless you further. Ameen.


Anonymous said...

face of shaytan that kaffir has

Jibreelk said...

You know what amazes me the most; that they get refuted categorically but they still come up with the same things over and over again as if they were deaf.

b.momo said...

wonderful website, very interesting. I like it very much.

Anonymous said...

Salam aleykoum

The lie it's all which stays in them.
Most of the detractors of the Islam have all the same process, to take a stand of the religious text, a part of the thought of a sheikh and make her say those whom they want.
In France a journalist it's made set in obvious offence of lie by brother Tariq Ramadan (professor of islamologie at the university of Oxford) live on the television. The video is on YouTube. You don't need to understand French to appreciate) the downcast mine of the journalist Caroline Fourest

sister Dineli from France

sounddoctorin said...

The whole religion gives thumbs up to random aged girls being mated with guys. Now hey let's look at western culture. Agreed 99.99% of whatever of the women, left to themselves...wind up with somebody who doesn't have Godly ideals. (Meanwhile guys like myself who seek to have the kind of relationship God wants wind up alone having never even kissed a girl at my initiate at the age of 51)

HOWEVER...for that ONE GIRL who might GROW UP and MATURE in a relationship with God...I'll FIGHT for her right not to be messed over by some random guy that just bows on the ground at the right time of the day. Thank you.

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