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Sunday, June 12, 2011

'Ex Terrorist' Kamal Saleem's Career is Over, Surely...

The evangelical fraudster, ‘ex muslim terrorist’ Kamal Saleem (aka Khodor Kamal Saleem Al Shami), STILL has some supporters amongst the evangelical community – chiefly Pat Robertson and the 700 Club brigade – despite Kamal Saleem clearly being on par with the other evangelical fraudster – Ergun Caner.

In this episode we bring you Kamal Saleem’s THREE DIFFERENT conversion stories. How in the world did this Arab Christian manage to dupe so many ‘holy spirit guided’ Christians? Why have his supporters (what’s left of them) not clicked onto the fact he has THREE DIFFERENT Islam to Christianity stories circulating?

Kamal Saleem’s THREE Conversion stories

Conversion Story 1 - ABNSAT

In this conversion story Kamal Saleem is hospitalized through a car crash and ‘Jesus’ came to him whilst he is on his hospital bed and healed his bones.

Conversion story 2 - KSLTV

In this conversion story, the doctors and the man who tended to him on the road (post crash) changed Kamal Saleem's life. There is NO claim of ‘Jesus’ paying him a hospital visit and healing his bones. In fact this conversion story is very much due to the love Christians offered to him.

Conversion story 3 - CBN

In this conversion story, Kamal Saleem was healed by the doctors through conventional medical means (in this version, ‘Jesus’ did not heal him nor did he visit him at hospital ).

Kamal Saleem went to the doctor’s home to convalesce and fully recuperate after being discharged from hospital. Once he was well enough to take care of himself, Kamal Saleem had his hospital bills paid for by donations from local Christians and was also given a new car. He went home and questioned his ‘Muslim faith’ and then had a vision of ‘Jesus’ in his home.

Synopsis + Kamal Saleem hiding names

Kamal Saleem claimed he saw ‘Jesus’ and was healed by him in the hospital

BUT Kamal contradicted himself by claiming he recovered at the hands of the doctors (no mention of seeing ‘Jesus’ in hospital nor being healed by ‘Jesus’) and went home and saw ‘Jesus’ after attempting suicide.

BUT BUT Kamal Saleem in another conversion story has no mention of seeing ‘Jesus’ or being healed by ‘Jesus’ – the doctors and Christian love changed his life.

So which is it:

1. Was Kamal's 'conversion' due to being visited and healed by 'Jesus'  in hospital?

2. OR was Kamal's conversion due to him recovering from a car accident, then going home once fully recovered to question his Muslim faith and seeing 'Jesus' in his home.

3. OR was Kamal's conversion due to Christian love and kindness from the doctors and the community who took him in?

KAMAL has presented ALL of the above. I'd like to present another option:

Kamal Saleem is a fraud who has profiteered by deceiving Christians...

As previously noted, Christians doubt Kamal Saleem’s stories and Kamal Saleem has refused to divulge his real name, the names of the doctors and hospital (allegedly) concerned. Got something to hide, Kamal? Well you have not now – we all but know you are a con man. Time to come clean…

Christians desperate for former Muslims turned Christians

Hmmm, Kamal Saleem’s contradictory conversion stories are more obvious than the Gospel contradictions yet he is STILL milking gullible Christians for cash. Interesting, very interesting!

The underlying reasons behind why con artists such as Ergun Caner, Kamal Saleem and Walid Shoebat can survive and even thrive in evangelical communities despite being obvious frauds is simple; some evangelical Christians are desperate to evangelize the Muslim community by hook or crook.

Quite why the ‘holy spirit guided Christians’ are so easily duped by such conmen is left to you to ponder upon...

Christians doubt Kamal Saleem

Iron sharpens iron as one man sharpens another.



Anonymous said...

there is nothing known about paul and his understanding of judaism. we know paul the liar had big problem with judaism. in his letters he portrays it as a religion which allowed him to persecute christians . remember we know nothing about pauls knwledge in hebrew, we have absolutely know writings from him . we know about no jewish rabbi debunking paul for his apostacy EVEN THOUGH THERE ARE WORKS WRITTEN BY RABBI'S DEBUNKING jewish APOSTATES. all we know is that he didn't like the idea of being saved through works or jewish laws, he say that his vision converted him. its like your gonna persecute homosexuals and then you get a vision from a greek homosexual god and then becaome a faggot yourself because of a vision of love from a homosexual god. paul made his claims to people living far away. the jews in galaytians must have kicked his ass and destroyed his reasons for abrogation of law. no wonder he runs off to pagan europe.

Anonymous said...

saleem and paul are both brothers in their pagan man god

Anonymous said...

I know this man, he was a friend and a brother in Christ. I believe he is a Christian and loves the Lord. I also believe he is a pathological exagerater and got caught up in his story. When we spent time together, he would always self-inflate himself. He did so much and accomplished things that were just a little difficult to swallow. It was tiring listening to his stories. I couldn't tell him something without him telling me how he did it better, faster, cheaper or whatever.

"Saleem" has a good heart, I just think he loves himself more than the truth. It is sad that he has been encouraged by local Christian leaders in Colorado to launch this ministry that is built on exagerations. I know I will be criticized for writing this, but such is life.

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