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Shamoun's Lowly Character

Sam thinks he can beat everyone in a debate and that he has already done so. Things have not even happened yet he can predict with certainty outcomes. He thinks no one can answer him. Check out a list of answers right here.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Sam said...

You are a typical repulsive coward. If you REALLY THINK this gentleman refutes my argument then why not be a man for once in your life AND DEBATE ME ON WHETHER YOU MUSLIMS ARE PAGAN IDOLATORS FOR SMOOCHING A BLACK STONE? Instead of editing my comments, much like you Muhammadans edited your wicked book, step up to the plate and face me like a man. You know you won';t because you know I will expose you and your idolatrous black stone smooching. :-)

If you have the guts to to do so then please email me so I can set up the debate on ABN for all to see what I do to you and your pagan beliefs.

Musa Art said...

Sam that was funny, did u even watch the video.

We dont worship the Kabah or the black stone.

Kabah is our direction of worship (built by Adam, then by Abraham, and last by Muhammad), so before making fun of it, think infinite times.

Black stone, is a stone from the Paradise, which is connected to a side of the Kabah. People may kiss it just for respect, but its not important being a Muslim, so before making fun, remember the people of Israel were also given fruits from Paradise, its nothing new (unless u r a knowledgeable or real Christian.

If u think u were trying to fool people with ur lame comments about Islam. I advise u go and read the Quran, and talk with people of knowledge, before making ignorant claims agaisnt to Islam.

You dont need to debate anyone, a normal person like me who has submitted his will to Allah can answer ur questions C:

Or watch the video again..
May Allah guide us to the straight path.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is one of the coordinators. Both Muslims and No Muslims; if you cannot keep it without insluts I will delete your posts, starting witht he Muslims as you should know better, and then of course Sam who is always the first to insult.
I give you all the chance to edit your posts and try to be polite please.
We are experiencing some techincal difficulties with updating the site so it's very hard to check it every day.. but I will give you a few days and I will delet your posts if you cannot keep it civilized. If you want to ridicule someone's point of view with a educated refutation with polite words you can do that... but please don't use swear words and insults.

Jibreelk said...

I have removed the comments that contained swear words. Thank you,
Shamoun you need to keep talking about me avoiding to debate you. I have been debating you, however NOT THE WAY YOU WANT. YOU AGREED TO A YOUTUBE EXCHANGE, and what do you do? YOU GET KEITH TO DO THE WORK FOR YOU.
You keep saying I'm a coward but I only chose a fair platform, I never ran away from you. As everyone can see I have been engaging you, it's you who was hiding behind Keith.
So just cause I don't want to debate you on your ABN or whatever site you choose does that mean I am running from you?


Jibreelk said...

I have contacted Sam Shamoun to tell him that I accept a debate with him and that we should discuss a format here on my site as everyone can see it... NOR RESPONSE

I contacted Keith his spokes person and he responded saying this

Sam says the first debate is "Is Muhammad a True Prophet?" If you agree then you two can talk about a format

So I said

Keith again man with all due respect, why can't he speak for himself.
Why does he have to lay down the rules from the start.

I mean you are a smart guy - do you think that's fair? So now I want to debate him, he has been accusing me of running from him,,,
I never ran from him I was just avoiding his tricks such as this one that he just pulled right now and the ones he pulled before with the YOUTUBE VIDEO DEBATE ( AS HE GOT YOU TO DEBATE FOR HIM) - he makes the rules, he has the cake and eats it....
I mean common.. is that fair?
I contacted him... he did not respond.. so I contacted you just to bring to his attention that we should speak on the forum so everyone can see..

So why is he not responding? Why is he not speaking for himself?

First of all his debate challenge was on THE BLACK STONE ... here is what he said


Now the title changes ... do you know what I mean? He is very inconsistent and tricky

Now I will post this conversation on my site for all to see


So Keith - thank you for all your effort in helping this but we really don't need you.... Sam is a grown up and I am a grown up - please tell him to act like one and come forth so we can discuss a fair debate with fair titles and fair formats..

Jibreelk said...

This is Sam's initial comment .. I have to publish it again just in case it dissapears

Sam said...
You are a typical repulsive coward. If you REALLY THINK this gentleman refutes my argument then why not be a man for once in your life AND DEBATE ME ON WHETHER YOU MUSLIMS ARE PAGAN IDOLATORS FOR SMOOCHING A BLACK STONE? Instead of editing my comments, much like you Muhammadans edited your wicked book, step up to the plate and face me like a man. You know you won';t because you know I will expose you and your idolatrous black stone smooching. :-)

If you have the guts to to do so then please email me so I can set up the debate on ABN for all to see what I do to you and your pagan beliefs.

July 18, 2011 6:59 PM

Jibreelk said...



Don't contact me anymore. You're not worth anyone's time. Contact someone else to speak to him. You want to debate small topics and not get into the heart of the issues because you can't defend that demon possessed rapist who allowed mutah.

Keith - did I choose a small topic
it's Sam who chose it
And you are the one getting upset?

Is he willing to debate or not?

I mean what's going on here ? he challenges me on my site to debate HIS TOPIC and they I am accused of choosing a small topic?

Wait a second .. what's going on here?



Why are you getting nasty?

Jibreelk said...

Now I am willing to negotiate the topic.... I'll give you guys that .. no problem we don't have to debate the black stone as Sam requested
We can debate something else
but let us reason and be fair and agree on a mutual topic in public
please pass this on to Sam

Jibreelk said...

SO KEITH responded again as a spokesperson for Sam who comes does damage, acts like a child then disappears and gets Keith to do his dirty work .... So Sam came posted the first comment challenged me to debate him on THE BLACK STONE, then when I accepted he disappeared did not respond to the e mail I sent him then Keith came on the scene, speaking for Sam changing the topic .. and then they are insulting me and saying I want to debate a small topic and avoid major ones.. then they come with their trinitarian logic which says

Sam said:

tell the scum to stop playing games. He knows that I have been constantly chasing him to debate, "Is Muhammad a true prophet?" I also have been chasing him to debate me on whether Islam teaches pure monotheism. Since he says he accepts my challenge that means he accepts the first topic. Tell him if he makes excuses to run away again we will nail him and humiliate him by making a video of his cowardice.

I SAID : Tell Sam this :

Let's be mature - did he not challenge me to debate his black stone lickers theory ?

I'll be the mature one so here it is

I will debate no problem

My requirements are - a fair public debate with a moderator

- The titles he selected - but add to the first one - Is Muhammad a true prophet and is Paul a prophet or man of God?
The second one - Trinity vs Tawheed

This way it's not Sam attacking but a two sided debate a fair debate

Do you accept ?

Jibreelk said...

Also I said - by the way if anyone will make a video to expose anyone and if anyone is any position to expose someone for inconsistency and childish action is ME

abbas said...

salam brother is there anymore info on this? i would enjoy to see these deabtes alot please update me when you get more info please my email is thanks brother i enjoy ur videos alot ...salam

Jibreelk said...


Here is what he said (Keith or Sam - Maybe I should just make them into one person - KeSam)

Sorry, but your cheap tactics don't work. We don't do two topics at one time in the same debate. That is a sign of cowardice since you can easily refuse to address our points and instead focus on your own other topic. We address one topic at a time. The first topic is "Is Muhammad a true Prophet?" The second will be "Does Islam Teach Tawhid?" We then schedule two other debates "Is Paul a true Apostle or not?" and "Does the Holy Bible Teach the Trinity?" Unlike him i have debated his Muslim brothers on the Trinity. Remind him that he even commented on my trinity debate with Rex. I also did one with Farhan. That way he is forced to stay on topic and not ignore my criticisms of Muhammad and Allah just like I will be forced to stay on topic and not ignore his criticisms of Paul and Trinity. Tell him to stop playing games since I want to contact George Saieg to arrange the first two debates for September so we can then arrange for the other two debates. Tell the coward I challenged him so he better not play games by trying to change it and re-challenging me. Keith tell him two debate topics in one debate ain't happening since that gives him a chance to avoid answering me and running away from my objections like a coward. Is afraid and ashamed to defend muhammad and allah? One topic at a time. We can do all of them separately.

Jibreelk said...

To follow up on my past comment, I wonder where did I give a cheep shot? Let's go step by step and I hope that is not too hard for Sam and Keith or maybe?

1. Sam challenges me to a debate on the black stone.... I agree and ask for a face to face debate. See the above posts

2. Sam replies through Keith and changes the topic ... to Is Muhammad a true prophet? They changed the topic.... they think they are really smart....

3.. Of course after studying Sam for at least 4 years, I know all his tricks and I call him on it... What does he do he brings out his real face and insults.... So I CALL for fairness and if they want to change the topic as it's always the case.. He barks and barks and goes against his bark. So if they want to change the topic let's choose topics that will give a balanced debate with the same issue but two sided - is Muhamamd a true prophet and is Paul a true prophet? Trinity vs Tawheed... so the audience can see a debate not a full fledge attack from Sam and just defense from me.

4. Of course fairness is not something in their book so KeSam responds by crying and saying that he has been chasing me for a long time to debate his topic and that somehow that justifies him being a double faced trickster who changes things as he pleases and always tries go get the cake and eat it at the same time.

So let me get this straight.. I have to ignore the fact that he is a liar and changes his mind everyday, because he has been chasing me to debate a certain topic for a long time. Remember he is the one who challenged me on the first post in the first place. In my case I accepted this debate, and rejected the first one he has been chasing me with, and that's my prerogative. I wonder if I would have accepted the first topic in the first place if he would have done the same and just change his mind? I think so......

5. In the end I am the one who is playing tricks, I am the one who is a coward, I am the one who is lying, I am the one who uses cheap tactics, I am the one who is a scum... I think the proofs say otherwise..

Jibreelk said...

I responded to THEM OR WE as they call themselves... Again I have to address them as one

Two topics? What's this we? He can't speak for himself? I am sure you do two topics if you call it that, but of course you guys can't tell the difference between 3 and 1 how will you be able to tell the difference between 1 and 2.

Sam did two topics before with Shabir Ali - He did Bible and Quran which is the word of God..

So the same way - we can reward it if it's too difficult for you guys to understand we can call it
Muhamamd or Paul - which is the true messenger of God?

Second Trinity or Tawheed - which is the true path to God?

Is that difficult for YOU or can you handle it?

Tell Sam that cheap tactics don't work. Cowardice has been evident since the beginning since he has been hiding behind you.

By the way - do you want me to cook you a meal and fill up your gas tank? It seems that you guys thing I should do anything that you request. I have requested fairness, I have requested a live audience, I have requested a two sided debate. Be fair, and stop acting like children. You know you are being exposed every day and it's your end.

You want to debate your topics first and then arrange the two other later? lol
It only shows how childish you are to think that I would ever accept that, and then when we are done I will be blocked and no more debates on my topics... That will never happen.

Him and I face to face, no tricks as he is there he can call me on it.. or can't he? Will I hold his mouth? No he can speak he can do whatever he want,.... how will I be able to control him, and what he does. If I evade the topic he can still expose me and expose the subject with the information that he will present. Me not addressing the topic will only make me loose.

But of course he is cared that I will expose him on his double standards and show that he is a fake Christian, he and you are gods to yourselves, you make play out of your religion, and you change it whenever you please, as you please, and you cannot face the information that I will bring towards you. Not only will I expose the topics and show how wrong you are in your beliefs but I will also expose you for not even adhering to what you claim to believe.

And that terrifies you. I have studied Sam for almost 4 years now. I know him inside and out. I know his works, I know his articles I know ever piece of info he will bring and unlike my brothers that he debated before (may Allah bless them), I was not hasty and I did not jump into a emotional exchange and debate with Sam from day one.

So here is the fairest thing...

Two debates - Muhammad or Paul - who is the true messenger of God?
Trinity or Tawheed - which is the true path to God?

Do you guys accept? Stop playing games.

Jibreelk said...

So they responded

Keith, you see this filthy scum slime is trying to make excuses for not accepting my challenges Tell him this is the final attempt to get him to man up. First, the only reason why I did that debate with Shabir is because the MSA forced me to it. Second, the Shabir debate is actually the reason why we won't do two topics in one debate. Shabir avoided most of my arguments in that debate, which is what you will do since you are no better or smarter than him. Third, if you have followed me for 4 years then you will know that, unlike you, I have debated topics where I was put on the defensive and didn't whine and complain like you do. You even commented on one of them, namely, the debate where I humiliated your two Muslim brothers, Rex and Khalid. Fourth, since you have studied me so well then you have no excuse not to accept my challenges since surely you know all my arguments and can easily refute them. Now seeing that you follow the sunna, part of which means you are trying be illiterate like your prophet, which part of the following topics is it hard for you to understand and accept?

Is Muhammad a true prophet?

Does Islam teach Tawheed?

Is Paul a true Apostle?

Does the Holy Bible teach the Trinity?

Now you need to stop playing games AND ACCEPT MY CHALLENGES WHICH I MADE TO YOU. You didn't challenge me, but I challenged you.

Face it, you are a coward and do not have the honor or the guts to defend Muhammad or your god, which is why you are so repulsive and slimey. This is your final chance to accept my fair challenges. If not we make a video exposing your cowardice and shame to defend the honor of your prophet and his god.

Jibreelk said...

So I responded to the insulting loving Christian

Of course that you have no clue as how to behave as seeing that you can be all things to all people.

Now listen you can keep giving ultimatums but you only expose yourself... I told you before you are not god or the owner of the world to just do things the way you want. There has to be an agreement and you are so selfish and so greedy that you can't do that.

How did the MSA force you man? Did they beat you up? Did they tie you up? How did they force you? I told you before stop these childish arguments - o mommy they forced me.. these are sand box arguments you used when you are child Sam....

Man up and step up you coward

Don't give me examples of Rex and Khaled, as you were humiliated by Shabir. You just can't admit how he beat you with a smile on his face and you even hugged him for it.

I studied you very well that's why I know what to do and how to respond to you be it in a debate or in small talk like this. I know how to deal with your pre debate tactics and not giving in to you owning the whole thing. Who do you think you are.. do you think your insults have any effect on me?
You dealing with a psychology major man, nothing you would know about as you are so uneducated.

So here it is - fair for you and me

Is Muhammad a prophet and is Paul a prophet or apostel?

Trinity vs Tawheed - not is the trinity in the bible or does the bible teach the trinity?

I never agreed to such a topic.. so look at you - you are trying to choose all the topics? I gave you topics which have half of your requests - you want to take them all according to your desires?

Do you accept?
Stop being a child - oo you ran from me..i never ran i just did not accept your format i said that 1000 times.. we did youtube and you are the one who ran and hid behind Keith like a baby....

Do you accept? Man up ...

Jibreelk said...

So they responded IN A NICER WAY?

I think you're misunderstanding everything so let us just say this. Read this slow twice. Sam agrees to the 4 separate topics and will debate all of them without question, if he doesn't you can make many videos saying he backed down. The reason he doesn't want to do 2 topics in one is because it gives room for skipping his points against Islam to where you can attack Christianity instead of dealing with his arguments. He will debate all 4 separately. He already defended the Trinity against Rex and Farhan - that is proof he is willing to and will not stand you up. In the Shabir Ally debate you take issue with Sam saying they forced him - they did indirectly and here is how:

"For the record, MSA said that if I refused to accept their topic that they would go ahead with the debate and claim that I backed down."

Therefore, yes Sam went anyway when he didn't have to but would rather do 4 different times set apart for all topics so they can all be sufficiently addressed in his debates with you. This can go well but if you refuse these easy suggestions then it shows you don't really want to debate these issues seriously giving fair time to all topics. If you refuse it will be time to expose you in videos about all of this and bring out the evidence. Your choice.

Jibreelk said...

So I responded

see you guys can be nice when you have too

I read it slow and understood

Now you read slow and understand

Your MSA story makes no sense - sorry but that is just an excuse to me. There are not 2 topics in one rather one topic with two issues. I know you understand that. Who would have they debated if Sam refused? Who cares, Sam could have exposed them for their inconsistencies but that did not happen.

I told you already what I think of the debates with Rex and them. Please stop bringing them up as they don't add anything to your argument.

So again please don't bring up your 4 titles without giving any concession. So here is how it's gonna go so it's fair for all as I see you guys cannot stand having a fair debate where I can call you on double standards.

Does Islam teach Tawheed?

Is the trinity the true path to God?

Two different separate debates

Second pair

Is Muhammad a true prophet of God?
Is Paul a true prophet of God?

I am the only one in this discussion who has made any concessions and has given in. You guys have only taken and taken.

So please respond and accept.

I am leaving the country for 10 days so I will contact you when I get back. You guys have 10 days to think about it.

If you guys keep playing around and keep threatening me about making a video, I will make a video as all the inconsistencies are recorded. YOUR CHOICE.

Jibreelk said...

they said

Alright, your rejection of the 4 debates, even after it has clearly been explained to you as to why that is necessary, shows that you are a coward who doesn't want to debate. You are trying to squirm your way out of defending your prophet and god solely. You want to do 2 topics in 1 debate so that you are never truly on the defense - coward. That is a snake move like shabir ally. If you were a real man you would agree to 4 debates where every topic can be closely examined. In your past videos you said you are all about CLOSELY examining the issues carefully and precisely. Yet now you don't truly want that, you want debates that don't truly allow for that but instead allow for you to not engage Sam's objections one by one but instead focus on the other side topic in the debate. This will be exposed in videos in the next few days and your refusal to accept the proper terms shows you're looking for a way out and you are AFRAID to defend Muhammad and allah. Have a good trip.

Jibreelk said...

Dude which part of concession you don't understand
I gave in finally and even though you are wrong, I agreed to topic by topic .... so I said first topic
Does Islam teach tawheed? SECOND Trinity is it the true path to God?
Then we can do Is muhammad a prophet and is paul a prophet

What is wrong with you? Two topics at a time...

You want all 4 all your way.. nothing to give in.. just selfishness

I mean what do you want do you want me to make you dinner?

I have bent too much for you in this discussion - but the only one who is a coward and running is Sam

I mean I finally bent and accepted topic by topic and now what else do you want? It seems the only one running is you..

Watch me expose you and Sam again and again... it's my life call man.... so many people have been mailing and seeing the truth.. even Christians don't agree with you...
Just like Waleeed Shoebate was exposed for the fraud he is so will you guys...

Do you accept your topic by topic or not?

First debate - Does Islam teach taw heed

Second - Is the trinity the true path to God?

Then we can do Muhammad prophet and God and Paul prophet of God another two separate debates

Do you agree ?

Jibreelk said...

They said
Okay if you can give me a clear statement that I will forward to Shamoun that would be appreciated, for the sake of transparent clarification. Please clearly indicate that you agree to do TWO SEPARATE debates - one on tawheed and one on the Trinity. And then you will do two other separate debates in the future - one on Paul and one on Muhammad.

I said

The 4 debates will be

1. Does Islam teach Twheed? - title chosen by Sam
2. Is the Trinity the true path to God? - title chosen by me

After these two debates we will do

3. Is Muhammad a prophet of God?
4. Is Paul a prophet of God?

Let us begin discussing the logistics of the debates, where and how we will debate.
I live in UAE but I don't mind traveling somewhere to do a face to face debate (which would be the best), as long as you guys meet me half way. England would be half way between you and I.

If that is too hard for Sam which it should't be as he does this full time, so he would just be working, we can arrange something on line maybe like the debate between Robert Spencer and Moustapha Zayed.

Let me know


Jibreelk said...

Here is what they said

Jibreelk I know I told you those 2 would be okay to do first but that was my own opinion. I didn't know Sam wanted to do the Muhammad debate first. I apologize. If you two can agree to the Muhammad debate first everything will work. Here is what Sam said:

"Actually, we do Islam and Muhammad first. Then we can do Trinity and Paul second. Ask him if he accepts.
BTW, ask Jibreel when he plans to make a trip to the USA since we can arrange the debates around his trip here. Moreover, the format used by Spencer won't do since that doesn't give us enough time to prove or disprove anything. However, if ABN accepts a longer format then he may not have to travel at all."

Jibreelk said...

I said

Nice rational - does not work - just because he challenged me that does not give him the right to dictate all the steps and logistics
We will debate one and one

sorry this post comes after the next one not before it

Jibreelk said...

Sam Said

Re: jibreelk
Well, we do my first two topics since I challenged him. Remind him of that. Then we do his two topics. Tell him I will contact ABN and see if they will go for a longer format and, if so, then we will get the debates underway.
in response to this from me

It's not your fault, no need to apologize, Sam should be man enough to speak for himself without you being in the middle. Don't you agree? He did it before, why not now? We would avoid any misunderstandings.

You see I am quite an easy person to work with. I have already given in and accepted individual debates.

But I requested fairness a few times from Sam and it has not been given. He only wants things to go his way and 100 percent his way. No giving in. Life is a two way thing, you can't just take and dictated all the terms, without making any compromising.

I mean he wants separate debates, he wants his debate titles first, he wants Me to travel to USA half across the globe to debate him. Does he want me to pay for his lunch as well?

If ABN accepts a longer format that would be good, but if not we have to meet someway half way, the same for the titles of the debates, he has to meet me half way.

We will debate one topic of his and one topic of mine. He can have the fist one, and mine will be the second. The last two debates he can have his title first again and I will come second.

We could meet and debate in England which is half way, and we can do Is Muhammad a prophet and is Paul a prophet or does Islam teach taw heed, and is the trinity the path to God, whichever two, - which is again meeting half way as we both bring one title.

We cannot do his titles first and no title of mine only till later. That's just not fair.

So insh Allah ABN accepts the longer format so we don't have to travel, but if we do I am sure Sam can afford it as he works full time for this. I do not have any planned trips to the USA any time soon, so please kindly let me know if you think all what I have said is fair and let me know if Sam accepts.

Also please tell Sam I would like to speak to him directly in our e mails if possible, so if he can let me know how should I contact him so we avoid any future misunderstandings on your side.

Thank you.

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