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Monday, August 1, 2011

David Wood on Anders Behring Breivik...

David Wood of Answering Muslims receives another spanking for his latest bout of ignorance.

It turns out Deceptive Dave was blaming Muslims for the terrorist attack on Norway. Embarrassingly for Dave, it turned out this terrorist was a Christian AND has possible links to Dave’s website!

David Wood – Answering Oslo (Brilliant Video)

Christian missionary David Wood was quick to blame Islam and Muslims for the Norway attack, even before any details about the attacker had been released.

One Islamophobe (David Wood) influences another Islamophobe (Christian terrorist Anders Berhing Breivik)?

David Wood lies about Islam and Muslims in his anti-Islam propaganda, amongst his crazy deception; he has claimed Muslims are taught to torture/kill cross-wearing Christians, carry out honour killings and perform sexual ‘thighing’ on female children as well as his standard inflammatory ‘Muslims can rape/kill you’ rhetoric.

I wonder if Ander Behring Breivik was influenced by David Wood’s anti-Islam propaganda (lies)…

Here’s a summary in the way of an imaginary conversation

David: Ah a terrorist attack in Norway. Now I get another opportunity to wade through the misery of the victims of a crime and bash Moozlims. Those donations and page views will sky rocket. If I do this long enough, I may even get as famous as my hero Robert Spencer one day.

Muslim: David, you do know the terrorist attack on Norway is not linked to Muslims...

David: That’s takiyya. Just rumours. Wait for confirmation on Pamela Geller’s blog or Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch as I get all my material from them. I bet my bottom dollar it was a Moozlim who murdered those innocent Norwegians. Stupid Moozlim. Whilst we wait I will plagiarize from Robert Spencer and google for some lurid lies about Islam to impress my Islamophobic Christian audience.

Muslim: Uh?

David: Woohoo, I just received $100 from Radical Moderate. That’s the 5th time he has donated this week!

Muslim: Dave, it turns out the terrorist was a Christian who is linked to your website.

David: Arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Nabeel, get me some oxygen!!! Arghhhhh.

Muslim: You’ve gone all purple and you are foaming at the mouth. I think you need more than oxygen. I told you Islamophobia was bad for you. For all we know, your lies and inflammatory rhetoric helped shape Anders Berhing Breivik into the psychotic and murderous terrorist he is today. Let this be a lesson for others.


Pam Geller sweating over Christian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik

The David Wood section

Tough questions for Christian apologists – unanswered



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