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Shamoun's Lowly Character

Sam thinks he can beat everyone in a debate and that he has already done so. Things have not even happened yet he can predict with certainty outcomes. He thinks no one can answer him. Check out a list of answers right here.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sam Shamon and Keith blocked me .. it seems that they do that to anyone who catches them for the hypocrites they are

Well there it is people.. blocked again when YOU SHOW PROOFS WITHOUT ANY DOUBT.  I SHOWED THAT Sam and Keith were a bunch of liars and double standard hypocrites.  It took a while but Alhamdulilah Allah exposes the evil doers.

Here is their last comment ... I was blocked

Listen dude, you had the chance to debate but you are afraid to defend that which you claimed you could address - namely that the proofs for the Trinity and deity of Christ in the Bible (NT/OT). In our discussion on Hubal you said you could and would debate that. But when challenged to defend your previous claims and position you backed down. Everyone knows that now. The point is you're not worth wasting all this time on. You had your chance. As for the black stone you don't know English. I already told you Sam wanted to debate the black stone issue in the context of the broader topic of Muhammad's teachings in a debate on 'Is Muhammad a true prophet?' The fact that you can't comprehend basic things like this really shows how blind you are on every level. I'm done dealing with you since you're a coward. Do as you wish and lie all you want. I am blocking you now since you are mental or something. Try to email Sam on your own or something.

I did e mail Sam but he did not respond and chose you as his spokesperson or secretary.  I know English better than you or Sam, and so does a 5 year old child who can read what Sam said:


step up to the plate and face me like a man. You know you won';t because you know I will expose you and your idolatrous black stone smooching. :-)

If you have the guts to to do so then please email me so I can set up the debate on ABN for all to see what I do to you and your pagan beliefs." END QUOTE 

So I was blocked 

Another brother who tried to engage Shamoun nicely was blocked.... 

ME- r u interested in a debate in a few months 

SHAMOUN- With you? My pleasure? First, I would like you debate me on whether Muhammad is a rue prophet or an antichrist. Let me know if you are not like this coward Jibreel, and have the courage to debate me on your prophet 

ME- its not me who wants to debate, its somebody i know,i'll get him to mail u,he is going away for a while but when his back,he wants to debate, the first topic he wants to debate is is muhammad prophesised in the bible the second one he wants to debate is is jesus god by the way i dnt know y your claimin jibreelk is a coward as far as i know he said he wud have a live debate with u if u apologise for all the abusive behaviour you've done in the past by the way my friend said he will debate on the condition that u keep it respectful and dnt resort to name calling,and insults 

SHAMOUN- Here we go with the games again. I hope you are not here to waste my time. The first debate will be is Muhammad a true prophet or an antichrist. The second debate will be is Muhammad prophesied in the Bible. The third debate will be is Jesus God, since then I will prove that Jesus is Muhammad God and Judge according to Islamic theology. Let me know if your friend accepts. 
Let me know if he accepts since I will set them up a.s.a.p. 

ME- first debate is,is muhammad prophesised in the bible,2nd is,is jesus god,if you do these 2 debates in proper manners,than we will see about the topic,is muhammad a true prophet.(give me some examples of what u mean by the topic,is muhammad a true prophet OR AN ANTI CHRIST) just so i know what u mean,we can maybe set up,is muhammad a true prophet but i dnt know about the anti christ thing unless u explain it to me 

SHAMOUN- Another real quick point. You guys need to stop with your games and false accusations about me insulting others. My debates are proof that I don't mock or insult people unless they do. JibreelK, Yahya, Sami Zaatari, Bassam Zawadi, Osama etc. are all street trash thugs who like to lie, slander, insult, and ridicule people. If your friend is a gentleman who is respectful then I will go out of my way to respect him. 

ME- 2 b fair, against shabir ally and farhan qureshi u was decent and respectful, we all lose it including me,but we will do these debates on a positive vibe,u give your view on why u disagree with our points and vice versa,no ad hominem and aggressiveness,just a calm debate or dialogue,he is going away for a while as soon as he is back,we'll contact u 2 arrange 2 dates because both subjects cannot b discussed in one day and we'll start promoting from than 

SHAMOUN- You don't tell me what to do. I am not your dhimmi and it is not your show. Let your friend know about the three debates and if he accepts. Don't waste my time with your games. If you send me another essage where you play games you will be blocked. 

ME- I aint playing games, i think its u thats playing games, remember I've approached u for a debate NOT the other way round,i've said that we'll debate is muhammad prophesised in the bible and is jesus god,and if u debate these two topics in a respectable manner i'll consider a debate of is muhammad a true prophet,now i think from the way your responding to my simple request of 2 debates(which r 2 subjects that u seem confident about in front of viewers on abn (when the so called "sheikhs" discuss it with u) so it should be easy for u to "obliterate" us,now are u feeling insecure or something? about these topics cos face it people aint exactly queing up to debate u (david wood must've had a million debates compared to u and he has only been on the scene lately) so i want a yes or no answer to my debate request of is muhammad prophesised in the bible and is jesus god,i'm not asking u this time i'm challenging u,just answer yes or no,and then block me if u wanna 

AND THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS THAT THE MISSIONARY BLOCKED ME LOL (they all talk the talk on Christian t.v but he ran from sami and now he declined me)


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