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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wesley PHD ? Scholar or Liar?

By Gabriel K. AbdulRahman AlRomaani 
pastedGraphic.pdfHis Theology
It’s no secret that Wesley is NOI till the bone.  His theology as he states on his PHD dissertation is as follows: This dissertation argues that as a member of the Semitic religions Islam too possessed a tradition of transcendent anthropomorphism, theophany and visio Dei, which tradition likely originated with the Prophet Muhammad. When read in the context of possible Biblical and ancient Near Eastern narrative/mythological subtexts, rather than affirming divine invisibility the relevant Qur'ānic passages seem to qualify divine visibility and theophany.
It’s All Black 
Wesley does not only claim that Islam as a member
 of Semitic religions (I like his choice of words, as it reflects how Muslim he is) possesses a tradition of transcendent anthropomorphism (an attribution of human form to a Allah), but he also claims that this human-god that he has concocted just like others before him, is black.  Such informations and claims are widely available on his sites, his blogs and in his books.  But this paper is not about his theology.  We have dealt with it in our previous two articles which have exposed his weak scholarship as well as his fake and deviant theology.  This paper is about his scholarship.  Wesley wrote an article trying to poison the well ahead of what was to be his humiliation.  Tarik Berry (a close associate of Wesley) as we will see later, has complained extensively about Waqar and I not answering their ridiculous claims faster.  Faster, for Wesley and Tarik means to do a poor job such as they are accustomed to doing.  However we took our time and it paid off.  In his article
, Wesley is trying to attack our credentials, saying that Waqar and I are just rookies and flaunting himself as a real scholar who has interacted with Arabic texts for many years. His interaction with Arabic texts will become evident soon.  But before that, we need to realize and understand that true scholarship in the history of Islam was never based on someone’s CV (resume) rather it was based on their ability and their knowledge.  Wesley’s PHD research skills take him as far as hopping on google and typing our names and cutting and pasting what he found. He really hit a big one there, didn’t he?  PHD might stand for something else in the case of Wesley, but this just goes to show what we said above - his degree is nothing but a piece of paper.  If someone tries to poison the well by using shaikh google research, it goes to show that his skills are limited to premature and haphazard conclusions, much like the ones he did when he choose the theology of NOI.  
Tarik and Wesley (different paths same destination) 
Wesley insists that Tarik and him have differences on certain principles (theology mainly), and we accept that.  However, in one of my initials posts on I accused Tarik Berry of helping Wesley in his deviation. He denied categorically and self righteously told me to fear God, and to swear that I know for a fact that he is helping Wesley. I apologized as I love to give the benefit of the doubt, however after a few days I discovered Wesley’s articles in which he thanks someone for the significant contribution that he has done in helping Wesley.  Does anyone want to guess who is Wesley thanking?  That’s right it is Tarik.  Wesley says that Tarik and another colleague of his (Wesley’s) have been documenting with impeachable sources the Africoid/black context of ethnic Arab peoples in general and the Prophet Muhammad in particular. 
  In another article Wesley says I would like to thank Dana Marniche and Tariq Berry for their invaluable feedback and material contributions to this paper.
In a post on my site, Tarik has been caught lying a few times, specifically pertaining to this point.  First he said that he does not help Wesley, second he said that he never claimed that Muhammad was black.  He said:
You know very well that I never said that the Prophet (SAWS) was black-skinned (like the people in the links above are). And you know very well that I told you that when the Arabs of the past called a person abyad (white), they meant a color that is considered black today.
  Wesley seems to be of a different opinion, as it seems that him and Tarik have been documenting with impeccable resources none other than BLACK MUHAMMAD.
pastedGraphic_2.pdfpastedGraphic_1.pdfTarik provides us with a picture of what he means by black (which according to him it’s not like prophet Muhammad). Both Waqar and I knew from the beginning that both Tarik and Wesley are playing with words and word meanings, but we did not expect it to reach this point.  Let’s say we understand that Wesley and Tarik have different theology (even though Tarik is helping Wesley spread his), what we don’t understand is who do they think they are trying to fool?  Here is a picture of what Wesley thinks black means .  And if the first picture is too white for Tarik, Wesley provides us with a second picture that is black enough.  
pastedGraphic_3.pdfSo it is without a doubt that Tarik is a working with Wesley, unless both of them are crazy and have not realized that yet.
Wesley and his interactions with Arabic texts 
On his black arabia blog, Wesley makes the following statement in an article aimed at discrediting Waqar and I: 
pastedGraphic_4.pdf“You see Shaka, Waqar is an amateur in Arabic. He only moonlights as an ‘Islamic scholar’, for he has no official training in that either. On the other hand, I have a doctorate in Islamic Studies. I was trained in Classical Arabic, Modern Hebrew, German, French, and English. I began formal training in Arabic in 1999. I was reading Classical Arabic texts independently since 2002-2003.  So this is the situation: Shaka privileges the translation of an amateur in Arabic and Islamic Studies who is committed to preserving the White Supremacy in Islam against the translation of a professional and peer-reviewed Islamic scholar with formal training in Arabic, who happens to be his Black brother and helper in the intellectual fight against global White Supremacy”.
pastedGraphic_5.pdfWesley’s problem is that intellectualism has gotten ahead of him and forgot that pride can backlash in the sigh of Allah.  He boasts himself with a PHD in Islamic Studies which as we will see below has caused him to make a kindergarden mistake:“Now, my mistranslation of this section was far less conspiratorial than Cheema and Keresztes would like to convince the world, which is why I can admit my mistake. My mistranslation was occasioned by a simple fact:in the phrase َسَواِدالِّتكُرور I simply could not findالِّتكُرور al-takrūr (un voweled in my text) in my lexicons and did the best I could with it
, but misreading this word caused a domino effect that caused me to mistranslate that whole sentence. Everyone who has struggled with a Classical Arabic text with an obscure word knows how this can happen.”
    We understand you are struggling, and thank you for admitting it.  
Wesley is not only a poor liar but at the same time he is a deceiver who cannot hold a straight discourse.  He changes his mind from paper to paper.  We have seen in his bashing article that he boasted of having training with Classical Arabic texts, however we saw him committing an elementary mistake which he admits by saying he could not find the word al-takrur un voweled in his texts.  Wesley: guess what?  Classical texts as you might know are un voweled and anyone with such formal training and resources as yours should have been able to deal with it, isn’t it?  You have more than 10 years of training.  Shame on you.  The least a scholar of your caliber could do is ask someone who knows, but of course you forgot what Allah teaches us: 
“Then ask those who possess the Message (Ahl adh-Dhikr) if you do not know.”
pastedGraphic_6.pdfA single word mistranslated or obscured should not cause a domino effect in the translation, not if Wesley knows how to translate the rest of the words.  It could be that Wesley is not really who he says he is, and does not really possess the skills that he brags about.  Yes I am sure he has a PHD as I have a copy of his dissertation, but a PHD can be obtained by almost anyone.  One can only wonder what else has Wesley mistranslated, and one can see that Wesley’s domino effects are present in most if not all of his articles.  Actually his whole work, and his whole theology is a mistake which caused a domino effect for Wesley and other people who have left THE TRUE ISLAM. Long have gone the days of ISNADS and traditional knowledge that was passed on and inherited from scholar to scholar back to the companions and to prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.  Waqar and I never claimed that we are scholars, as Allah knows we would be lying.  But one thing is for sure, that we are seeking knowledge in a traditional way with qualified people who have inherited knowledge from prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and not from Michigan Automotive Capital of the World, where Wesley wrote the Book of God trying to prove that the black man is god.  Above is a picture of his book which people buy and support, fueling this so called scholar to continue his work and misguide the African American Muslim community in the US and other.  Now any Muslim with an ounce of brain and common sense would stop at reading the title of such a book, but common sense is not so common anymore. 
Wesley claimed he was a scholar, but proof showed otherwise.  So who looks like a fool?  Even if Wesley does not feel like a fool after being exposed, he certainly looks like a fool.  
Today we live in the days of pseudo scholars who try to put others down in order to make themselves look tall, but Allah exposes them and puts them lower than they can ever imagine.  Don’t they know that Allah is watching them?
“Do they not know that Allah is seeing?”
pastedGraphic_7.pdfWesley and his associates are not only trying to prove that Muhammad was black, but they are trying to prove that God was black.  The world is not split enough on the basis of social classes man made religions and philosophies, now it has become split on the color of God as if God has a color, or as if God is a black man or white man or any other color man for that matter.  Islam is very clear on both the issue of color as well as the issue of God:
“O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes that ye may know each other. Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things)”.
“There is nothing like unto Him, and He is the Hearing, the Seeing.”
Some of the things that I have said in this paper might be harsh but a person like Wesley deserves it.  Not only does he have the audacity to claim such blasphemous theology, but he invites people to it, he makes a living out of it, and worst of all he believes it.  It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that Wesley has twisted and continues to twist the Quran, the Sunnah and Arabic language in order to maintain his pseudo scholar status.  
“And do not argue with the followers of earlier revelation otherwise than in a most kindly manner - EXCEPT it be such of them as are bent on evildoing...”


Beautiful said...

Chapter 2:
Al-baqarah: The Cow
(Revealed at Madinah: 40 sections 286 verses)

In the (Beautiful) Majesty of Allah,
The Infinite Good (of unbounded Love & Generosity),
The Most Beautiful-(Loving).

2:1 I, Allah, am the Best Knower.
2:2 This Book, there is no doubt in it, is a guide to those who fulfill their duty of
(guarding) against evil and doing (virtuous-loving) deeds to keep their innate good
(pure) innocent virtuous nature clean,
2:3 Who are devoted (with gratitude) to the Great Unseen (Who is beyond the imaginations) and keep up devotional meditation and spend virtuously out of the provisions and gifts We have given them,
2:4 And who are devoted (with gratitude) to that which has been revealed to thee and that which was revealed before thee, and of the Hereafter they are sure.
2:5 These are on a correct course from their Loving-Nurturer, Beautifier, Cherisher and Nourisher unto perfection and these it is that are successful of attaining to the happy state of bliss for achieving full (perfect) development.

Chapter 112:
Al-Ikhlas — The Unity:
Revealed at Makkah: 4 verses

In the (Beautiful) Majesty of Allah,
The Infinite Good (of unbounded Love & Generosity),
The Most Beautiful-(Loving).

112:1 Say: He, Allah, is Uniquely the One and Only.
112:2 Allah is the Nourisher and Sustainer of all, the Eternal,
the Independent, the Absolute, the Self-Sufficient (Who has no needs or wants),
the One Whom all depend On while He does not depend on any,
112:3 He begets not, nor is He begotten;
112:4 And there is nothing like unto Him.

(Majestic Qur’an)

In the Period (of Account) when it comes, no soul
(will) speak except by His permission; so some of
(them) will be unhappy and others happy. Then as for
(those) who are unhappy, they will be in the Fire;
(for) them therein will be sighing and groaning- (11:105-106)

Abiding therein so long as the Universes and the
(physical world of matter) endure, except according
(to) the laws and selections of your Loving-Nurturer,
Beautifier, Evolutioner and Nourisher unto perfection.
Surely your Loving-Nurturer, Beautifier, Evolutioner and
Nourisher unto perfection is the sure Accomplisher of
(what) He plans and designs. (11:107)

And as for those who are made happy, they will be in
The (Beautiful) GARDEN OF DELIGHT abiding therein so
(long) as the Universes and the physical world of matter
(endure), except according to the laws and selections of
(your) Loving-Nurturer, Beautifier, Evolutioner and
Nourisher unto perfection. A (beautiful) gift never to be
(cut) off. (11:108)

Beautiful said...

(Majestic Qur’an)

And those who are (patient), (calm) and
(enduring) in a goodly manner seeking the
(Beautiful) Goodly (Bliss) of their Loving-Nurturer,
Beautifier, Cherisher and Nourisher unto perfection,
(and) keep up devotional (meditation) and
(spend) virtuously out of the provisions We
(have) given them, secretly and openly, and
(repel) evil with (beautiful) goodness, for such
(is) the happy issue of the abode- (13:22)

O you who are devoted (with gratitude), be morally
(sound) with integrity for the Glorious-Loving One,
(bearers) of witness with equity & fair-dealing with
(harmonic-balance); and let not the (hatred) and
(prejudice) of others towards you incite you to swerve
(to) do wrong and depart from being equitable with
(fair-dealing). Be just with equity & fair-dealing with
(harmonic-balance), that is nearer to observance of virtuous
(conduct). And fulfill your duty to the Glorious-Loving One
of guarding against evil and doing virtuous-loving deeds to
keep your innate (good) pure innocent (virtuous) nature clean.
Surely the Glorious-Loving One is the All-Aware of what you do.

(Majestic Qur’an)

O humanity! Surely We have created you in various-stages
with new additions from a male and a female and made you
into families and nations that you may know and (understand)
the wisdom & intelligence of one another and (that) you may
cherish and do acts of kindness to one (another). Surely the
most (honorable) & (noblest) of you (in) the sight of the
Glorious-Loving One is the one who is (most) superior in fulfilling
(his or her) duty of guarding against evil and doing (virtuous-loving)
deeds to keep (his or her) innate (good) pure innocent (virtuous)
nature (clean). And the Glorious-Loving One is the All-(Knowing),
the All-(Aware). (49:13)

(Majestic Qur’an)

Successful indeed of attaining to the (happy) state
(of) bliss for achieving full (perfect) development are
The devoted (grateful) ones who are humble in their
(devotional) meditation and who shun (vanities),
(who) nourish their souls with (beauty) & (goodness)
(by) doing virtuous deeds, and who keep up a guard on
their chastity except in the presence of their wives-
that is of those who are under their (care), (custody)
& (responsibilities) by a marriage contract. (23:1-5)

Those who are devoted (with gratitude)
(and) do good deeds (for) their (beautification)
& (excellence) to them We shall give a Home in
The (Beautiful) Blissful GARDEN- Lofty Palaces
(underneath) which (delightful) rivers flow- to
(dwell) therein for aye; an excellent reward for
(those) who do good. (29:58)

Beautiful said...

(Majestic Qur’an)

And the devotees of the Infinite Good
(of unbounded Love & Generosity) are they
(who) walks in this (physical world) in humility
& (nobleness), and when the ignorant address
(them), they reply with (healthy) words of
(peace) & (beautiful-harmony). (25:63)

Those who are devoted (with gratitude)
(and) do good deeds (for) their (beautification)
& (excellence), and humble themselves before
(their) Loving-Nurturer, Beautifier, Cherisher and
Nourisher unto perfection. These are the owners
(of) the (Beautiful) Blissful GARDEN OF PARADISE
(to) dwell therein for aye! (11:23)

O you who are devoted (with gratitude), enter
(into) perfect (peace), (health), (beautiful-harmony),
(freedom), (delight), (happiness) & (bliss) whole-
(heartedly); and follow not the footsteps of the devil;
(surely) he is to you an open enemy. (2:208)

(Majestic Qur’an)

We take the Glorious-Loving One’s colouring, and
(who) is better than the Glorious-Loving One at
(colouring) and we are His devotees. Say: Do you
(dispute) with us about the Glorious-Loving One and
He is our Loving-Nurturer, Beautifier, Cherisher and
Nourisher unto perfection and your Loving-Nurturer,
Beautifier, Cherisher and Nourisher unto perfection,
(and) for us are our deeds and for you your deeds
(and) we are sincere to Him. (2:138-139)

The Glorious-Loving One is Full of {Love},
{Goodness}, {Kindness} & {Generous-gifts} to all
The Universes and all the systems of (knowledge),
(wisdom) and (intelligence). (2:251)

Whatever (beautiful) wonderful (pattern) or
(evidence) We cause to loose its worth or be
(forgotten), We bring one infinitely superior to
(it) or one like it. Know you not that the
Glorious-Loving One is the Possessor of power
(over) all things! (2:106)

Save the True Arabs said...

Let's see who the liar is. Why don't you post pictures of what you consider abyad to mean to the Arabs of the past. Also explain to us all what the Arabs of the past called someone your color. Also post a picture of someone who is black, someone who is hinti colored, and someone who is asmar. Let's see plain and clear who the liar is.

Jibreelk said...

Wesley is the Liar and unfortunately you are following his steps.... sad to see.
The proofs are there, YOU ARE BEING TAKEN FOR A RIDE my brother, everyone can see, on the blogs arabic and english
take care and fear Allah

Save the True Arabs said...

What did the color abyad mean to the Arabs of the past. Just answer that question and don't concern yourself with who you think is a liar. I say that abyad meant a hinti color with a black appearance (hilya). Prove me wrong if you think that I am a liar. I say that this man is abyad according to the Arabs of the past:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg

Prove me wrong if you aren't a liar.

Beautiful said...

(Majestic Qur’an)

There are some people who take for themselves
(objects of love for adoration) (besides) the
Glorious-Loving One, as they should (love) the
Glorious-Loving One. But those who are devoted
(with gratitude) are overflowing in their (love)
(for) the Glorious-Loving One. If (only) the
(ungrateful) ones could see, behold, they will see
(the) penalty: That (to) the Glorious-Loving One
(belongs) all (Power) & (Majestic-Honor), and the
Glorious-Loving One will strongly (enforce) the
(penalty). (2:165)

Those who are devoted (with gratitude)
(and) do good deeds (for) their (beautification)
& (excellence), and keep up devotional meditation
(and) give regular charity to (nourish) their souls
& community with (beauty) & (goodness), will
(have) their reward with their Loving-Nurturer,
Beautifier, Sustainer and Nourisher unto perfection:
On them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.

(Majestic Qur’an)

Say: To whom belongs all that is in the Universes
(with its galaxies) and in the physical world of matter?
Say: To the Glorious-Loving One. He has inscribed for
Himself the rule of initiating (beautiful-nurturing love),
(goodness), (giving-beautiful gifts) & (gentleness)
(that) He will gather you together for the Period of
The Resurrection, there is no doubt about it. It is
(they) who have lost their own (souls), that will not
(be) devoted (with gratitude). (6:12)

(Majestic Qur’an)

He created in various-stages with new additions
The Universes with its (cosmic-systems) and the
(physical world of matter) with true (perfect) harmonic
(dimensions) of (beauty), (goodness), (equity) &
(wisdom) and He sculptured you and then made you (into)
(beautiful) colours and (beautiful) shapes; and (to) Him is
the ultimate resort. (64:3)

Infinite said...

It is very sad to see White Supremacy and Aryanization has infiltrated Muhammad and Islam.

Anonymous said...

NOI is really far far away from Islam. May Allah guide them to the straight path and may Allah punish those of them who know the truth but still follow this racist ideology.

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