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Teeth Breaking Responses To Those Who Want To Extinguish The Light Of Allah

TTT is our brother/sister site that deals with writing articles responding to the most common attacks on Islam. The articles are unarguable and most scholastic (in the English language) following a unique traditional style, giving explanations of scholars, expositions of commentaries and most important of all in a simple short and clear way that everyone can understand.

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Shamoun's Lowly Character

Sam thinks he can beat everyone in a debate and that he has already done so. Things have not even happened yet he can predict with certainty outcomes. He thinks no one can answer him. Check out a list of answers right here.

Learn Islam

Finish this free course and you are guaranteed to know at least half of the Quran by meaning (insh Allah).

One of the best site on Discovering Islam

I have been shown one of the best websites for Quran.  This will help you memorize and review your Quran, or just relax and enjoy the miracle of the words of Allah. 
You can pick from tens of reciters, the full Quran.

How to learn Arabic tip #1

A great start is by purchasing a program called Rosseta Stone.  It is without a doubt a great combination of visual and auditory skills, which allow the student to slowly develop based on context (pictures are very explicit) as to what the sentence says.  The Arabic is Fusha or proper Arabic, and it covers grammar, reading, writing, conversation. 

I am on level 1 as we speak, and I must say that so far it has helped me a great deal.  If you already know how to read Arabic, it will give you a great advantage, but if you don't no worries, it will teach you.  Some times it becomes quite overwhelming but do not give up.  If you can finish the 3 levels you will be able to converse in Arabic at a very good level, it will help you understand the Quran and help you further your studies in the language. 

Visit the Rosetta Stone page here

The Light of Guidance - Fundamentals of faith, is a great series of lectures by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi from the Al Maghrib institute.  

I must say that the series is one of the best I have heard so far and explains the most important aspect of our faith in very simple terms, yet following a very academic presentation. 

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi keeps you on your toes, and explains what Aqeedah is, why should we study it, and how it can help us. He introduces the concept of Allah, who is Allah, what have others said about Allah in the past etc.  

I recommend that people google this lecture series, or go to

The Code of Scholars - Usul al Fiq is by far the best lecture series I have listened to.  I recommend this for everyone, new or old, it's a must.  

I am listening to it for the second time, and I must say things became so clear after learning the principles of this science. Questions such as why is there so much difference of opinion, who is to say what is right and who should I follow? All these will become sound and clear once you listen to this lecture.  I have benefited so much and my iman increased by learning these principles.  Our faith is protected through Usul al Fiq. It teaches us why we do what we do in our faith, and how to establish the proofs for our faith.  
Again I believe that if everyone would study this, especially new Muslims, no one would be able to attack your Islam.  

Book Review 1 - Jesus in the Quran 

A small book that is a great way to approach your Christian friends.  You need to show them what Islam says about Jesus, what we believe about him, and who he was.  This book gathers all the verses on the subject of Jesus pbh from the Quran.  I recommend this as a dawa tool more than futile arguments which cause tension and discord.  As Shaykh M. Al Shareef said, that one of the biggest mistakes in dawa, is that we destroy our opponent's wall of shrik, but that in the end does not mean that Islam is the truth for them.  We need to establish Islam and let them know what Islam is.  

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